Wild horses

Horse shoe print nude blouse: Primark
Black camisole worn under blouse: Primark
Black pleated skirt: Primark
Black leather satchal: Charity Shop
Leopard print collar coat: Topshop
Black faux suede wedges: New Look
Brooch: Primark
Ring: Mothers
Nail Varnish: Savile Row Nails Inc
Red watch: Toywatch
A bit of a Primark themed outfit today, never realised until I listed everything!

The reason why the details shots are outside is because I took, or rather my mum did, outside for a change of scenery. But they came out far too dark so I just kept the detail ones. Have to put up with my door again, sorry!

The ring was the first thing my dad ever brought my mum for christmas as a sort of engagement ring so it has a lot of sentimental value. She gave it to me as she prefers silver jewellery to me. I love it, i'm not really keen on diamond rings and would much prefer a ring like this for my own engagement ring if anyone ever decided to propse to me haha! I got the brooch for christmas and had been wondering what to do it, I think it compliments the coat quite well! Ive thrown my trusty black wedges on, I seem to wear them with everything recently. So easy to walk in!

Im off out to an Indian tonight for my boyfriends sister 19th birthday. The scary thing is that ive known her since she was 15 so im feeling old at the minute haha! Im not sure whether to have my usual curry or to be adventurous and try something new.

Do you prefer the larger pictures?


  1. Such a lovely outfit! I particularly like the blouse, it's so pretty xx

  2. That blouse looks so elegant with that skirt. I'm impressed that both are from Primark! You look really lovely x

  3. cute outfit! Thanks for your comment too, might try a dark nails inc colour, only have a few light ones!

    Following you now, would love it if you could follow me too :)

    LOVE, Emy x


  4. I need that blouse in my life!

  5. Nice bag! And the bigger pictures are MUCH better!

  6. Oh man, lovely outfit - I love that blouse, I've seen it on a couple of blogs and keep meaning to pop into Primark but I keep forgetting...

    Hope the dinner was good, lovely. x

  7. Love this outfit, so chic! Jealous, the Primark near me is rubbish! Gorgeous bag too.

    Rosie xx

  8. i love your outfit - i think we have quite similar style. i've just found your blog and i love it too - definitely following! ♥ elle
    elle & the fashion folk


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