Afternoon Tea at the Ritz

I spent the afternoon yesterday at the Ritz! God I feel rather posh saying that! It was such a lovely day spent with two of my favourite people, my mum and nan. As many of you know it was a birthday treat for both me and my nan off my darling mother. My birthday was on Sunday and my nans was yesterday. We must have laughed from the beginging to the end. It really was one of my best birthday presents.

The scones came out later all nice and warm!

I got told off as soon as I walked into the foyer. I had travelled on the tube in flats because my high heels were suede and I didnt want the rain to ruin them. So I bent down to swap my shoes over and as quick as lightning a man came over and told me off and ushered me to the toilet where I could change my shoes. You dont get told off in the Travel lodge for swapping shoes haha! You can obviously take the girl out of Essex but clearly not the Essex out the girl!

We had a sitting at 1.30 and had starved ourselves so we could eat as much as possible obviously! By 1.40 we had polished off nearly all the sandwiches and the cakes! Talk about greedy! We ended up having three lots of sandwiches. What we didnt realise was that you ate the cakes on top last so again the Essex-ness showed through haha!

Quite possibly the best scones I have ever tasted.

The Ritz is such a lavish, ornate and old fashioned venue. There is gold everywhere and it really does feel like you have stepped back in time. It was so nice to have a man playing a grand piano in the background while you ate. I felt like Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman walking in.

The three generations :)

As traditional Essex girls we treked to Marble Arch and spent all out money in Primark! I brought a lovely skirt but now Ive got it home ive realised it was on the wrong hanger! Gutted. I also did a little bit of star spotting and caught a sighting of Frankie from The Saturdays in Selfridges. She was wearing a bit of a boring outfit to be honest, I think as a popstar I expected her to be in hotpants and sequins haha!


  1. I have ALWAYS wanted to have afternoon tea at the Ritz, it's looks amazing! I hope you had an incredible time =)

    Hannah xx

  2. Ahh that looks and sounds lovely! Those scones look amazing! I usually go for afternoon tea in random little coffee shops dotted around Kent, they're lovely but not quite the Ritz! Glad you had a good time :) x

  3. wow so jealous!
    !it looks simply amazing!!!
    very cute blog!! love it!!
    hope you'll follow me back too!
    sweet italian kisses

  4. Glad you had a good birthday Soph! xo.

  5. Oh, that looks fabulous: I've always wanted to have tea at the Ritz - so jealous!

  6. looks like a lovely day out x

  7. looks like a good day :D

    the food looks tasty:D


  8. Mmm I love afternoon tea - and what a treat to be taken to the Ritz! Sally x

  9. Looks like such a nice day out, and the food looks delicious!

  10. Just found your blog and am really enjoying reading it! How lovely to go to the ritz, i'm jealous!

    LOVE, Emy x

  11. How lovely. I love afternoon tea, haven't made it to The Ritz yet though. Perhaps 'The Ritz' shouldn't grammatically have a capital 't', but it feels like it should! Was thinking earlier 'T'he Savoy has got to be on my list this year now it has re-opened!

  12. oh how lovely! i'm quite jealous! it sounds and looks like you had the most wonderful experience. ohh, i didn't know you had to eat the top cakes last! i'll bear that in mind if i ever go there myself, hehe ;)


  13. ahh the ritz! that is like the creme de la creme for cream tea, i'd love to go there one day.


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