Guess I got too excited when I thought you were around

Tobacco pussy bow dress: Primark
Nude shoes: Primark
Nude tights: Primark
Gold sequin bag: Topshop
Pearl drop earrings: Topshop
Cream hair flower: Primark

I ended up going for the Primark version of this dress, I just cannot afford Topshop at the moment. It is extremely short, im used to wearing midi-length skirts/dresses at the minute so not used to it! Excuse the massive legs I wanted to show you the back of my tights. They were only a pound but my boyfriend says it looks like I have had a skin graft!

I decided to go for a bun, thought as the pussy bow is a statement it deserved to be shown off! I used a doughnut and just pinned my hair around it. I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Now my hair is getting longer, i'm finding I can do more things with it.

Im off to camden tonight and thanks to Robyn and Ellie I have a few ideas of some new places to try out. We tend to still to the same ones out of habit. I'm not going to go too mad as I have work tomorrow but I'm looking forward to having a bit of dance and being with all my favourite boys! Yes I am the only girl going out again haha!

I'm looking forward to blogging again properly next week, I nearly died last week commuting but it was so worth it! I have so much to talk about!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. Looks lovely, the colour suits you and that bag is AMAZING!

  2. I love your whole outfit! I'm so jealous of that dress and those tights. And btw your legs look fab in this, its a very flattering outfit. Have fun on your night out :)

  3. that dress is amazing,you look fab! love the hair too xx

  4. A donut, I need to get me one of those, your hair looks fab. I haven't been in primarni for ages, loving pussy bows at the moment though...well, always have to be honest! xx

  5. love this dress, much prefer it to the topshop one actually! added you on twitter too (minielle) :)

    ♥ elle

    elle & the fashion folk

  6. That dress is very pretty and I love the bun hairstyle too. You look lovely :) xxx

  7. your dress is lovely and your bag is gorgeous! xo

    love zsara

  8. you look gorgeous sophie :) i still can't get over the fact that this dress is from primark though, i want one!! x

  9. This dress is lovely! I definitely haven't seen it in my local Primark!

  10. I love this dress. I have not been to Camden for ages, really should go sometime soon

  11. That dress is lovely (hear you on the affordability shout, Topshop is for me too a no-no) and those tights especially I adore! *runs to Primark* jazzy ♥

  12. Thank you for the lovely comments that you leave on my blog! :) I love the colour of this dress, it looks fantastic for Primark! I can't afford Topshop either. And your hair looks amazing in that donut bun!

  13. You look great. Especially impressed by your hair! My sister is getting married this summer and she wants me to wear my hair in a messy bun sort of thing (yes she's chosen my hair style, she's a bridezilla and their very finest!) I need to learn how to do it x

  14. I love that dress and the tights are gorgeous!

  15. You look gorgeous! I'm jealous that you're able to do such pretty hair, I am rubbish!
    I love this outfit, you find great stuff in Primark! x

  16. your dress is so lovely and unusual, the colour is ever so pretty! i adore your hair in the bun, too. xx


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