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I think ive found my birthday dress. I have to buy a new one because there is nothing suitable in my wardrobe for turning 22 of course. I can't resist adding a new dress to my over growing collection.

I found this beauty whilst trawling the Topshop website. It is a tad pricey at £43 to be honest and it is not that different from my polka one from Primark that I paid a mere £13 or £15 for. But I have a Topshop voucher left over from Christmas so thats £15 off it already. Once ive deducted student disocunt it will be £23.70 if my maths is correct. Not that much more than the Primark version then.

Im really into different shades of brown, Ive exhasted the Camel trend so I think its time for me to venture out into the "Rust" trend. I could pair it with my nude platform and gold sequin bag. I just hope it does not disappoint me in the flesh when I go the Oxford Street branch in a couple of weeks. Im going to have to have blinkers on when I get to London.

On a side note Id just like to say a huge heartfelt thank to everyone that reads or follows my blog! It means such a lot. I know 25 followers isnt a huge amount compared to some but its more than I ever could have imagined! Thanks guys :)


  1. It's nice soph, I've seen one in primark like near enough the same tho!
    Check out the link http://www.milkteef.com/2011/01/peaches-and-cream.html xo.

  2. Yes, it is lovely! I was in the harlow store yesterday and saw some in there so you could be in luck :) hope you're doing something great for your birthday xo.

  3. Oh yeh forgot bout your work experience! Those shops all had sales on when I went this time last year so get on it! lol you'll find something no one else will have :) xo.

  4. I love it! Worth the money I reckon :)
    Hope you have a lovely 22nd birthday.

  5. so jealous of ur radio below!! ive wanted that exact one for ages but cant bring myself to spend the money on buying a new one! love this rusty dress, def a wardrobe essential! :) x

  6. lovely dress!! like the color! is different and so cool! im a new follower!!

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  7. That dress is lovely, very sophisticated but I bet you could glam it up too! Love the colour, so autumnal and pretty. Happy not-quite-but-nearly-your-Birthday!!

  8. It is a very nice dress, not gonna lie. Love the pussy-bow! And the colour is beautiful. Hope you love it as much in person. x

  9. it looks wonderful x


  10. Oh I want that dress! It's color and structure are sooooooo beautiful, good post*

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  11. It is such a gorgeous dress & I love the colour! It's worth the money if you're going to wear it a lot! It'll look lovely with your dark hair :) x

  12. That dress is lovely, go for it Sophie! Bet it'll last longer than the primarni version anyway. Sally x

  13. i love the colour and the pussybow and its nice in real life too - the material is heavier then the primark ones and it has more shape :) x

  14. The dress is so pretty and I think styling it with nude heels and gold bag would look super glam, perfect for a night out! It's all about rust at the minute, I've got a few items but I'm still lusting after this Topshop camel cape, but it's £95 and that's fa too much for me!!!!!

    Hannah xx

  15. beautiful:)

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  16. i love that dress, my local topshop sold out so i tried a navy polka dot version on, the shape is so lovely, but i want that rust colour! i think it would be perfect as a bday dress x

  17. topshop pricing is often a little steep! lovely choice though xx

  18. It's my birthday soon too and I'm stresing over finding a dress. Hope the one you've found is as fab in the flesh as on the website x

  19. Eek £43 is a bit pricey for that dress! Not too bad with vouchers though, very pretty too :)


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