Hello Mulberry

I was an extremely lucky girl on Sunday and became the owner of something Mulberry thanks to my generous and handsome boyfriend.

I have been lusting over Mulberry for as long as I remember and its my dream to own a black patent Mulberry Bayswater. Many people find the design boring and as there are so many lookalikes over the high street, pointless to spend all that money on one. But to me it is the epitome of a girl who works in the city. I have done numerous work experience placements all over London and its my dream to work in the big city as a journalist. I want to be one of those girls I see communting on the tube with her trainers on and with her heels stashed in her Bayswater ready to be put on as soon as she is in front of the office. I want to power dress everyday for work and visit Selfridges in my lunch hour to lust over the shoe galleries.
I actually squealed like a pig when I opened the gift box and spyed the Mulberry tree staring at me. I was almost too afraid to open it! It was wrapped so beautifully, it seemed a shame to ruin it.

Its actually an IPhone case but it has a few compartments in it that I can stash some money and cards in. So Im going to use it everyday as a phone case but use it as a purse for when I go out in the evenings and dont need to carry a bulky purse with me.
My boyfriend remembered that I wanted a patent Bayswater so he got me it to match it. As he is currently training to become a surveyor, I always joke that he can get me a Mulberry bag when he finally qualifies to help celebrate

I keep getting it out of my bag and staring at it, unable to believe that its mine! It is so beautiful and now my most prized pocession. He even paid for a little note to be put in it, isn't he a romantic?

I really don't know how he is going to top this next year!


  1. OMG, you lucky lucky girl. It's a beauty!

  2. Aw, what a sweet bf you have, it's lovely :).

    Sadie x


  3. That's so sweet of him and it's a beautiful gift! I'm a big Mulberry fan myself and my Bayswater (oak) has to be one of my favourite things in the world :)

    Lovely blog! x Christine @ Fanciful Vision

  4. Lovely present! I would love a Mulberry one day, I don't really like all the copies on the high street, I know some of them look really good but they aren't for me

    Hannah xx

  5. how sweet...lucky girl!


  6. What a sweetie! Hehe, power dressing is not for me, but if it was, I would definitely want one of those bags to go along. What I do want, right now? Tea at the Ritz, like in your previous post, lucky girl!

  7. What a darling! You have him so well trained... answers for how you do it on a postcard please! You lucky bean, happy birthday again! :) jazzy ♥

  8. omg soo lucky, anything mulberry is simply amazing xxx

  9. Ah that's lovely, lucky you! No I haven't read all of the Twilight Saga yet, I'm on the secon book. I know what you mean about Bella, she is very iritating. I also have to admit that I'm more team Jacob then team Edward. Not because of how they look in the films, just because I prefer his charcter x

  10. How very lucky of you, it's beautiful!

  11. the bag is very very nice!!!! I want one the classic is ok to me!!!!

  12. You lucky girl :) it's absolutely gorgeous!
    I'd love a Bayswater too! My boyfriend always says how pointless it would be to spend that much money on a bag... I say it's an investment but he just doesn't understand! x

  13. you are a lucky girl! Mulberry is great, and he's got taste! ^^ I am also loving the primark blouse you are wearing =) x

  14. wowee lucky girl!! Totally jealous :P xx


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