Birthday Girl

Today is my 22nd birthday. Saying that make me feel so old, I going to have to start acting like a grown up soon!
I have had a wonderful day and been thoroughly spoilt! Some present highlights have included Afternoon Tea at the Ritz tomorrow, a Barbour handbag and a Mulberry purse that deserves a whole post of its own. It is now my most prized possession and im extremely tempted to sleep with it tonight. My boyfriend really does have a heart of gold.

I went out last night in Shoreditch, had a really nice time. Didnt end up staying out as late as I though, I got the last train home. It saved me a £12 cab journey. I still didnt get until about 1am. I went to an amazing cocktail bar called the Drunken Monkey and me and the boy have vowed to have lunch there soon, spotted an amazing Chinese menu, and spend the day getting drunk on tasty cocktails. Perfect way to spend a Saturday. I sampled Strawberry Beer in a random pub which was nice but slightly weird. All in all it was a perfect way to spend my birthday. I didnt quite feel pretentious enough to fit in though! My friends did however have a sweapstake going on what time I would fall over, my falls while under the influence are infamous. They each put a pound in and chose a half hour slot. I dont know if I should be offended or not haha! I am proud to say I did not fall over once! Ha serves them right!
Excuse the terrible quality of these photos, battery on camera ran out and I had to use an IPhone.


Mine chiffon dress: Primark

Black square toe court shoes: Next

Black tights:Primark

Leopard print collared black coat: Topshop

Quilted clutch Bag: ASOS

Black beaded bracelet: Thomas Sabo gift

My beautiful new coat! I took a picture of the collar because it didnt really show up in the photos! I had been lusted after this coat for far too long, I just could not justify £85 for a coat. Its nearly half my wages! So when I walked into Topshop you can imagine my delight when I spotted it in the sale for £40! I had a £15 voucher to use, Ive decided to get the coat instead of the dress in the post below. The more practical side in my won. I got some birthday money so I can still get the dress. When I used student discount I managed to get it for £21! Bargain! Although one boy that I went out with last night told me I looked like Cruella De Ville in it. Pfffft what does he know haha!

I am now in my new leopard print PJs completely stuffed from eating far too much birthday cake. Im going to have an early-ish night ready for the Ritz tomorrow :)


  1. Happy birthday for yesterday.
    I love the outfit and i dont think the coat looks Cruella De Ville like either.
    I really wanted the dress but they'd sold out in my size before christmas and never restocked it where i live :-s

  2. Belated birthday wises, you look gorgeous xox

  3. Happy "belated" Birthday, love your outfit, you look lovely :).

    Sadie x

  4. Happy (belated) birthday!! Love your dress, that colour is fabulous!


  5. The Ritz! How exciting! Talk about celebrating with style hehe. That's a gorgeous coat, I'm very envious! jazzy ♥

  6. Ohhhh, I really wanted the red version of that coat! But it didn't look right on me, it looks so cute on you though!

  7. My Granny leaves in Derry but I haven't been for ages, I didn't even know there was a Primark there!!! We go to Donegal every now and then cos my Auntie and Uncle have a holiday home by the sea side which is lovely. When we were younger we would get into fights with the local kids because they hated that we were English, haha can you believe the cheek! No wonder your boyfriends Dad came over here!! Despite that people are very friendly and always seem to know everything that's going on!!!You must get to the Causeway, it's beautiful and in Bushmills there is Ireland's oldest Whiskey Distillery which is defo worth a walk around!!

    Anyway, love the coat it's just like my green one =)

    Hannah xx


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