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Look what I "accidentally" brought while I was exchanging a skirt in Primark after work. Marble Arch Primark will be the death of me I swear! I had to pull myself away from things so many times! I might wander down there by mistake again this week, obviously not on purpose!I know it is quite clearly a summer dress but as its so beautiful that I want to wear it now! But I have no idea how to "winter it up". I think i'm going to pair it with white tights but am not sure what colour cardigan to wear? I tried on a black and while it did not look bad, it just felt too dark to me. I feel like it needs lighter colours. What about grey tights?
I am so pleased with it, its the one thing that i spotted in the lookbook that I desperately needed! It reminds me of Prada, didn't they create something like this a few seasons ago? I swear perhaps Carey Mulligan had one on? Excuse me if im completely wrong!
I need your help! How can I make it suitable for Winter?

I had my first day at Nuts magazine and I am shattered! I left my house at 7.30am and finally got in at 8pm. But I think i'm really going to enjoy it. It was a bit quiet today but i've found that most magazines are from previous experience. It must be the monday morning feeling! I sorted out the post and came across quite a few half naked ladies haha. I also got to transcribe an interview with someone from Hollyoaks off a dictaphone. Im looking forward to going back tomorrow.


  1. Love the dress, very cute :). I'd team it with tights and a cardigan, i think most colours will go with that print xx

  2. It's completely like the Prada dress Carey Mulligan wore a while ago, it's gorrrgeous!

    Ahahaha, laughing my head off at stumbling across naked ladies! Ahaha, I'd feel so weird working at Nuts! Good luck with it all though :)


  3. Gorgeous dress, I reckon you could definitely get away with teaming it with thick black tights and a dark cardigan. I'm already looking forward to summer - really miss skirts and dresses :)

    I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Primark myself... theres always at least one or two things I just have to have so do my best to avoid the store till payday ♥

  4. That dress is lovely, I'd say team it with just a pari of tights and you're good to go :)


  5. I think it's lovely, and from Primark too, who'd have thought it??? Can't wait to see you in it. x

  6. wow thats so awesome! roll on summer!! xx

  7. the print on the dress is just gorgeous =)

    Hannah xx

  8. LOVE. THAT. DRESS. I agree with everyone, tights and a cardigan and you're good to go. Such a neat print!

  9. Ooh, a grey cardigan would look nice with that dress. Wintery, but not too dark and harsh. Sweet!

    Good luck with the job! x

  10. wow that does not look primark at all!! Gorgeous x

  11. Oooh I saw this in Look and fell in love. It's so cute! I'd wear it with grey or blue - it would look nice with navy tights! But like you said - grey. Grey is the best (I am having such a grey moment). Go grey!

  12. Can't actually believe this is from Primark... that place have really stepped up a notch in their design! Glad to hear it's going well at work! :) jazzy ♥

  13. That dress screams summer, I really like it! A tan or brown cardigan would be nice with it.

  14. primark has really upped the stakes! i love it so so much!!


  15. It is a very beautiful dress, but I would wear a black cardigan but you don't like that :P
    maybe something is the with colors then?

  16. Yay, I saw this the other day. I'm not a fan of Primark unless it's something plain and basic, but I thought this was amazing!


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