OOTD: Statement ankle boots

Grey tailored coat: New Look (similar)
Black ruffled shirt: Zara (similar)
Black skinny jeans: Matalan (similar)
Brown leather rucksack: Gift from Marrakesh (similar)
Buckled black ankle boots: LOTD.co.uk* (similar)

Boy am I glad its boots weather again - I'm a sucker for a pair of ankle boots if my collection is anything to go by. So I was glad to be able to add these beauties to my stash from LOTD.co.uk. The pointed toe and the buckles really caught my eye. I think a statement pair of boots make all the difference when jazzing up an outfit.

A weekend over already. I've had such a lovely weekend mooching around, getting my life admin in order while my boyfriend has been away in Glasgow on a stag do. As out move in date looms,  I'm beginning to realise just how much 'stuff' I own. I've always known I'm a bit of a hoarder but now it's all been laid bare! I went to the garden centre with my mum to try and find some plants to fill my bedroom. I want a little bit of a 'jungle' theme so picked up three mini cacti and one snake plant to pop in a freestanding metal planter. I just hope I don't kill them off! I'm now after a cheese plant, a couple of succulents and an ivy plant to fill up the plant pots I seem to have accumulated over the last six months...

Special thanks to Sarah for snapping this OOTD!


Restaurant review: Curious Yellow Kafe, Hoxton, east London

Last weekend I went into town to help celebrate Hannah's birthday early. It was no surprised that the self-confessed scandipile chose to go somewhere Scandi-themed for her birthday lunch so we ended up in Hoxton. You'll find the Curious Yellow Kafe in Hoxton, about a ten minute walk from Old Street Station. Offering a Swedish inspired menu, the little eatery has a great neighbourhood cafe feel. It was full of locals and has a lovely chilled vibe.

I went for the Swedish meatballs served on a bed of creamy mash and lashings of gravy. Topped with chives and dill, it was like a hug in a bowl and exactly what was needed for a slightly chilly autumn day. Our waitress noticed us handing out gifts and very kindly gave us two brownies on the house to help celebrate Hannah's birthday. If that isn't good customer service than I don't know what is! Michelle opted for a delicious looking brioche bun stuffed to the brim with halloumi, roasted peppers and smashed avocado. Served with sweet potato chips, I wish I'd ordered it too!

The Curious Yellow Kafe is a great little find and well worth a wander over if you find your self around Old Street. I'll definitely be back!


Why do I keep blogging when I'm never going to make a 'success' out of it?

Blogs are full of posts about how to make money, increase your follower count and turn blogging into your full time job. I have no desire - or even the ability - to turn my blog into my job nor do I make much money. As for my followers? They steadily go up but I'm no where near in line with the big guns considering I've been blogging for the past seven years. Sometimes it seems like fun has been taken out of the blogging community as people get obsessed with numbers and making dollars. That it's only worth keeping up a blog if you're going to make it into a business.

So where do I keep plugging away, updating this little space on the internet? The simple fact is I enjoy it and I'm not quite sure what I would do if it no longer existed. It's been part of basically my entire adult life from the tender age of 21. I've documented my university degree, my first job in journalism, my first house and endless trips all over the world. 

We all measure success in different ways. Obviously compared to the blogging greats, this blog is a mere minion. But to me? Every new follower, every page view and every comment is a success. I often think the blogging boat I originally clambered on to has long sailed as the industry evolves into something I barely recognise. I keep blogging because it's something to look back on. It gives me the excuse to try new things and see new places. I wouldn't have done half of the things in my life if I didn't have this blog. It's all too easy to get caught up in mundane details of life and enter your very own groundhog day. Sleep, work, repeat. Simply this blog encourages me to make the most out of life, to push me into doing things and get out of my comfort zone as cheesy as that may sound. That is what encourages me to keep blogging even though I'm never going to become 'internet-famous'. But I'm internet famous for my mum so that's what counts eh?!

Why do you keep blogging? 


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