5 ways to switch off after work

1. Scrapbooking
If you're anything like me, you love to collect bits and bobs from your adventures. Ticket stubs, leaflets, photo booths photos and odd knick knacks are all full of happy memories. So rather than stuffing them into a drawer, pop them in a scrapbooks. Make sure you arm yourself with some fuel - I'm loving Lovechock, a raw chocolate sourced from Ecuador. Instead of being roasted, the beans are cold ground. Natural Balance Foods are also a favourite at the minute. The Gingerbread flavour of the healthy snack bars is making me feel very festive! These delicious snacks are full of goodness so I don't feel so guilty about stuffing my face.  Settle down for an early night and take a trip through memory lane.

2. Paint your nails
I never feel more that I have my sizzle together then when I have pristine painted nails. There's just something about them that make me feel like I can take on the world. So I love nothing more then settling down after dinner, picking a colour from over a 100 nail polishes - I wish I was joking - and making my fingers look pretty. It's a great way to just forget about the world for a little while.

3. Life admin
There's just something about organising that gets me. I let my room/life get into a right old mess before something finally snaps and I'm on a mission to sort it all out. Nothing more rewarding them flopping down on your bed and realising that your life is in order. Tidy up that pile of papers sitting at the end of your bed, clear out some old clothes for eBay or get rid of those toiletries you ain't ever going to use.

4. Baking/cooking
As much as I hate to clear up, I feel most relaxed when I'm in the kitchen rustling something up. It doesn't have to be spectacular but cooking something from scratch always gives me a sense of achievement. You kinda get lost in the moment, forget about all your troubles of the day and have some very tasty - hopefully! - to eat by the end of it. Plus who doesn't like cake? If you don't, I'm judging. Soz.

5. Pamper night
We all need a little 'me' time and sadly it seems to be non-exsistant. Weekdays are always spent rushing around like a headless chicken, trying to squeeze 25 hours into 24 hours before collapsing in bed exhausted. Instead, take a step back and give yourself some TLC. A TLC soundtrack is optional. Light some candles, hunt out your favourite face mask and settle down with a good book. You'll feel a hundred times better.

How do you switch off from work?

OOTD: Mustard roll neck jumper

Mustard roll neck jumper: Tu at Sainsburys (similar)
Striped shift dress: Tu at Sainsburys (Similar)
Khaki trench coat: Primark (similar)
Suede heeled ankle boots: Ravel via TK Maxx (similar)

Feeling slightly sixties in this get up. And I have my knees on show. Scandalous! Supermarket clothes have really upped their game recently. It's always decent quality, reasonable prices and quite nifty. I'm loving a roll neck under dresses recently. Nothing quite like feeling as snug as a bug when you brave the elements.

Life has been pretty crazy the past few weeks. I think I've forgotten what sleep feels like. But crazy is good. I like to be kept on my toes. I've been freelancing in West London for nearly three weeks which is about as far away as Australia from my house. But it's been fun. I've learnt lots and really enjoyed it. I realised I love working in an office. I love the socialising, the atmosphere and the fast pace. It's been a good change. I've now got a week off to recover before I'm back again for the next three weeks to do it over again. So this week I'm going to sleep. Lots.


Review: The Force Of Destiny opera, Coliseum

Last week I got to tick something off my bucket list and took a trip to the opera. The English National Opera to be precise. Isn't the Colisseum absolutely breathtaking? I always feel like such a fancy pants when I visit a grand theatre and get lost in a dream world imagining all the people who have visited in the past.

I managed to catch The Force of Destiny*. During wartime a dying man curses his daughter after he was accidentially killed by her lover. Her brother swears revenge and she is forced into hiding. As you can imagine it was very dramatic and emotional. I was blown away by the beautiful, powerful voices and it gave me goosebumps.

Now it isn't for the lighthearted at nearly four hours long, but with two intervals It's very much doable. Just means you have to have double the ice cream!

If you can't fit in the opera before Christmas then save your money for Norma - coming to the stage 17th Feb. There are at least 500 tickets at each performance priced under £20 so grab yourself a bargain!


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