All reviews on my blog will be honest regardless on whether I have brought it myself or it has been given to me by PR companies. I will not give a glowing review just because something has been handed to me for free.

I will only review products that I believe are relevent to my blog. By relevent I mean products that I would quite willingly splash my hard earned cash on and feel like it would be something that my readers would be interested in.

I am based in Essex, only 25 minutes away from Liverpool Street station so am more than willing to accept event invites that I feel are relevent to my blog. I can't guarantee I will do a write up after I'm afraid - it depends if I think it will be something my readers will be interested in.

All ramblings and photos are my own. If I use a photograph from elsewhere I will always link to the source.

Just to let you know this site uses cookies. This blog is part of RewardStyle. This means if you purchase something through a link on a page I will earn a small comission.

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About me

About me
A Essex based lifestyle blogger who lives a champagne life on a lemonade purse!

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As from July 2015, all PR samples will be marked with a *.

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