Happy New Year

Outfit: Black mesh spotted midi dress: Asos
Leopard print t-bar shoes: New Look
Pony skin black clutch: Primark
Silver ball bracelet: Tiffany & Co

Happy New Year my lovelies and I hope 2012 bring you much happiness.

How on earth has another year passed me by in a flash? Absolutely mental. Having looking back I suppose I have achieved quite a lot in the last year. I graduated from Uni with a 2.1 despite there being times I could hardly see the light at the end of the tunnel. I secured a two month paid contract as a journalist, after years of working for free it was hard to believe that someone thought I was good enough to be paid for my writing. I am finally working in the big city having dreamed of being a working londoner since I was a teenager. I have had some amazing times with my favourites and feel like this bunch of friends are in it for a lifetime, I have grown so much closer to certain individuals and would never be without them. I have loved meeting all my blogger friends in person and hope that we can meet many more times in 2012. My blog has become something that I am proud of and i'm in amazement that so many of you are interested in my rambles. Thank you all so much.

I usually spend New Years at a friends house however that particualar house seems to have outgrown us considering at the last one there must have been at least 80 people. Needless to say this year we have all chipped in a tenner to hire a hall and DJ to throw our own charity mascquade ball. Hopefully this year will be good un as I will once again be spending it with all my favourite people in the world.

This asos dress was a sale bargain, the one and only thing I brought in the Christmas sale. I was too much of a wimp to brave the shops on the high street so I just stuck to online shopping in the comfort of my own home. I could have treated myself to a lot more but my bank account was being mean. These shoes were forced upon me by my friend, aka The Shoe Queen, but for £7 I didn't put up much of a fight!

Don't forget to check out the blogger London lunch. Hope you can all make it!


  1. Happy new year! You look amazing x

  2. love your fabulous outfit. hope you have a great night and happy new year x

  3. Aww you look lovely Sophie! Happy New Year!

  4. Lovely dress. Happy New Year.

  5. Looking stunning. Hope the ball went with a bang.

    Wishing you every happiness in 2012.

    X x

  6. Happy New Year :), you look lovely xx

  7. Happy New Year! You look gorgeous, fab dress, great hair. Hope the party was fun. x

  8. you look lovely!! those shoes look banging xxxx

  9. Loving the dress, such a good sale find! That was a good idea about each chipping in to rent a hall out! x

  10. Your new years sounds a lot more fun than mine. Mine included charades. Two people charades. Drunk. 'Mbarrasin.

    Happy New Year! Here's to the LNDLUNCH!!


  11. You look gorgeous and it sounds like you had a great year! Fingers crossed this ones as good :) x

  12. Happy New Year!What a gorgeous dress, love the length and sleeves!

  13. You looked fabulous! I love the detailing on the sleeve!
    Fashion Translated

  14. Happy New Year! I love the dress, I almost brought it myself when it was full price. Now I know it's in the sale it might be time for another ASOS visit :) Congrats on the 2:1 and the journalism placement. As someone that does a lot of writing for free it's so exciting to hear it's paid off for someone.

    Laura x

  15. what a beautiful outfit, you look stunning!

    Hope you had a wonderful New Year!

    Check out my blog for a review of V Nunes jewelry, thanks ;)

  16. I love your dress! You look awesome. Little bit in love with your shoes too... £7! What a bargain.

    Penny x

  17. Your dress is gorgeous, perfect for a new year <3

  18. Lovely outfit, love the spots on the sleeve! Great idea to hire the hall, I would like to do that one day. Happy 2012!

  19. I absolutely love your dress! i've been on a hunt for something like that for days but no luck, i'll keep searching though.

  20. That's such a pretty dress...looks great!

    The Other Side of Gray

  21. You always have such beautiful glamorous dresses Sophie! I hope you had a good NYE, it sounds like it was going to be awesome.x

  22. The dress looks beautiful, Congrats on your achievements in 2011 and a really happy 2012 to you. Sounds like a fabulous way to spend New Years Eve.


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