Blogger Christmas gifts

This year I was a very lucky girl in regards to being completed spoiled by blogger friends. Thank you all so much!

1. Christmas Swap from Helen
I took part in the Christmas swap organised by Lakota. We had to include 5 items of a value up to £12. They had to include something handmade, a Christmas decoration and something from a charity shop. Helen did fantastic! The fairy lights are currently decorating my bed, the mug is perfect for those cup-a-soup days, the tin will be brilliant for storing all my reciepts in now that i'm freelance, the earrings are suitably festive and you can never have too many lip balms! Helen also very kindly handmade me some Christmas decorations but my mother has packed them away in the loft with all the other decorations so I can't photograph them :( But take my word for it that they were lovely!

2. Secret santa organised by Char

Thank you so much to Char for organising the secret santa, can't wait to take part in it next year! I was very lucky to recieve such lovely gifts! They are just so me, I'm a complete sucker when it comes to leopard print. I couldn't have asked for nicer gifts! The hot warmer smells of lavender, perfect for snuggling up to in the cold nights! If you read my blog, let me know who you are please!

3. Present from Char
This was a complete surprise and very apt considering that we are penpals. Now I have no excuse to not to write ;) I also recieved some writing paper from my parents so expect lots of letters in the new year! Paperchase is one of my favourite shops to have a browse as everything is so pretty, this writing set and pen are no exception.

4. Present from Sophie
Another surprise gift that I was not all expecting! Once again very me! I love the apple pendant, it's a little clock! So cute! Just in the process of hunting down a chain so that I can wear it asap. The nail file is perfect for keeping in my bag, love the little case to put it in.


  1. You look like you've got some beautiful Christmas pressies :)


  2. Ahhh you got such lovely gifts. I love the M&M tin x x

  3. Aww, aren't you lucky! I love the little writing sat & i'm dying for some fairy lights to brighten up my bedroom.


  4. aw, i have to admit that i am really impressed with how well the secret santa seemed to go, as far as i know everyone seemed to receive something and all seem happy, so thank you for taking part :)
    and you're very welcome, i saw the set and just had to send it to you :) Xx

  5. These are lovely pressies!

  6. lots of lovely pressies :) I really must take part in secret santa next Christmas! xo

  7. Super lovely gifts but my fave is the writing set, i love stationery and I used to be part of a "Royal Mail PenPal club" #suchageek! x

  8. Such lovely gifts, you are very lucky.

    X x

  9. Haha no one needs to see my craft attempts! Glad you like your pressies, I am doing a post about yours soon :D

  10. Loving the leopard print! You are a lucky girl. x

  11. Looks like you got some lovely gifts I definitely need a funky hot water bottle on these chilly nights!
    Tilly M x

  12. awww how sweet, bloggers appear to be the best gift givers going these days hehe

  13. Lovely gifts, that apple clock pendant is so sweet and the writing paper is lovely :) Makes me want to go out and buy some and send some letters! x

  14. Lovely gifts! The writing paper looks great xx

  15. Aww these all seem like lovely gifts.


  16. you are very lucky!! such sweet gifts :)


  17. it all looks great;)

  18. What a nice selection of gifts! I think present swaps are the way to go.

    Emily x


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