A Snapshot #6

001: One of my favourite charity buys. A 1958 copy of Treasure Island for only 50p. I have a thing for books, I buy them by the bucket load. When I move out i'd like a shelf in my living room of old books on display. I have so many Enid Blyton orginals from the 1960s that I used to collect at bootsales when I was a kid so this is one for my expanding collection.

002: As I mentioned before I went to see Kasabain on Thusday. They were absolute quality, so worth the money. Miles Kane supported and now would like to get my hands on some tickets just to see him. I wish I was as cool as Sergio Pizzarno.

003: It was Glossybox time again this week. What a bumper Christmas special, the best one yet! I adore the mascara, already tempted to order a replacement on payday. It does tend to go a little clumpy but just need to be careful. It gives my eyelashes so much volumne! Also very pleased with the nail varnish, can't wait to try it out this week.

004: The boys Christmas work shindig was on Friday in the heart of TOWIE. We stayed overnight in this posh 4* hotel, I don't think we have ever been anywhere this posh before. Our room was massive and had a real oldy-woldy feel. I felt extremely delicate on Saturday after little sleep and too many archers and lemonades. I ended up having to have two naps throughout the day, can't party like I used too!

005: Presents galore! My Christmas swap from Helen, blogger secret santa and a lovely surprise present of Sophie all came this week. I was very spoilt! Thank you all so much, cannot wait to see what awaits me on Christmas day! The friendships I have made through blogging have been one of my favourite things about the community. If anyone would like to become penpals (I will become better at writing letters in the new year I promise) just give me a tweet :)


  1. oh, I like this picture!

    follow me if you want, it'll be great :)

  2. Your little getaway looks lovely, & I so wish I'd got glossybox this month, everything in it looks amazing!


  3. Hurrah for presents! The hotel looks gorgeous, my kind of place.

  4. You are certainly gearing up for the big day to come. Lovely photos. So much fun in your life.


  5. Oh cute photos. This hotel looks amazing. I went to say 'nice house'! HA! x

  6. I love Serge, he is so rock star cool! x

  7. I love that you are as obsessed with vintage books as me! YAY BYLTON! x

  8. I think I have that copy of Treasure Island! Amazing.

  9. This month's GlossyBox looks amazing, kinda wish I'd ordered one now! That hotel looks lovely too, I love places that look really old and traditionally English! x

  10. I love old books, and new books for that matter too so I can totally understand your book excitement. My boyfriend went to see Kasabian too and said they were amazing! x


  11. Wow the book looks great, I love finding old books like that! I've heard so many good things about this month's glossybox, oh well! xx


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