You're messing with the enemy

Black vest top: Primark
Black aztec cardigan: C/O Clothing at Tesco
Forest green chinos: New Look
Black smoking slippers: Next
Brown over the shoulder satchel: Primark
Black faux fur russian hat: H&M

I was very kindly given a gift voucher for attending the Clothing at Tesco press day. I was going to save it and splurge it on the beautiful lace dress but as what is always the case with money and vouchers, they burn a hole in my pocket. But I am very pleased with what I have chosen, will blog about the rest in a few posts time!

I was debating about getting another aztec cardigan, did I really need two? I came to the conclusion that yes I did! This one is more black and as a result I feel like it will go with a lot more things. For some reason I expected it to be much longer so was rather disappointed with the length but its grown on me. It is really cosy which is the key ingredient in knitwear for me. I like to feel like I am wrapped in a blanket. My boyfriend absolutely hates this hat, so much so he refuses to go out with me in it. Obviously this makes me wear it more. Going to love seeing his face tonight at the station ha!

Off to see Kasabian tonight which I am rather excited about. Should be quite good as I think we have managed to get standing tickets, Right in the thick of the action! Hopefully my feet won't get too brusied.

I have a very busy weekend ahead including the boys Christmas party tomorrow, staying overnight in the fancy hotel for the Christmas do and then a 21st Birthday party on the Saturday. I shall be all worn out by the time Christmas comes along!

Is everyone getting into the Christmas spirit? Not long now!

On a side note: Gosh my feet are the same colour as the floor. Stay off the fake tan Sophie!


  1. Aaaah, you look amazing! The hat looks gorgeous on you, & the aztec cardigan is amazing!

    I'm still not hugely in a Christmas spirit :( I think I'm off to a Christmas market tomorrow though, so hopefully will be soon!


  2. Love love love the cardigan! Tesco has some amazing clothes at the moment! Have a great time at Kasabian xx

  3. Really love the cardigan! Hope you have a great time at the gig x

  4. You look so cute in these pictures, that cardigan is to die for! I love the hat too, don't listen to your boyfriend... boys don't know anything ;-). Very jealous that you are seeing Kasabian tonight! xx

  5. Totally getting into the CHristmas spirit. Still shopping. Nice hat girl.

  6. Love the cardigan, good choice! Still haven't spent mine yet x

  7. i love the hat!!

  8. I had to double check and lol'd about your feet!
    The cardi looks great, kind of wish I had an aztec print one too now.

  9. I love the aztec style cardigan & that hat is gorgeous too! Have fun at Kasabian! x

  10. Love it! Aztec is my favourite pattern at the moment. Cute outfit Soph. Miss you. Bray

  11. Waaaaah so jealous you're going to see Kasabian!! Make sure you take loads of photos! (aaah you would have already been, so "took" instead hehe) Love the hat on you darl :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  12. Love the outfit! Ooo sounds like you have lots of exciting things planned hope you have a great time xx

  13. gorgeous cardie! Enjoy Kasabian!

  14. You look fantastic, Sophie! I love that hat, it really suits you but bare feet? You're a braver lass than I! xxx

  15. You totally look a doll in this hat!
    Enjoy your busy weekend :-)

  16. Loved the cardigan. Welcome to check out my blog and if you like we can follow eachother.

  17. HOPE YOU ENJOYED KASABIAN! lsf is one of my favourite tunez.

    I think you made a good choice with the knitted garm aannnd totally agree, if my boyfriend doesn't like something I prefer to wear it more.


  18. Ahhh I love this hat!! it is amazing!! xxx


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