So this is Christmas

Black skater dress: Clothing at Tesco
Black faux fur stole: Marks and Spencer
Floral black thick tights: C/O Clothing at Tesco
Black smoking slippers: Next
Sliver necklace: Snoopers Paradise, Brighton
Red plastic watch: Toywatch
Black friendship bracelet: Links of London

Hope you have all had an amazing Christmas!

This was my Christmas day outfit, nothing too mind bowing. But it was comfortable and the tights helped to jazz it up a bit. I brought the tights with my voucher I was given a while ago so had been after a plain black dress to pair with them. Tesco came up trumps again!

My Christmas was amazing and then some. I spent it with all my favourite people and crazy family. My boyfriend ended up coming back to mine in a shopping trolley on Christmas Eve and a 20 minute walk home ended up taking 2 hours. Standard night out. Christmas day consisted of a almightly hangover, my Aunts dog making friends with my boyfriends leg, busting some shapes in the kitchen, having enough food to feed the 5000 and becoming the owner of some absolutely lovely Christmas presents. It is just such a shame that it's over now. After getting up at 5am for sale on Boxing day and working every day since I feel like I haven't slept. Looking forward to having a complete lazy day tomorrow.

I have so many posts planned so keep a look out :)


  1. Loving the tights-how cute are they?! xx

  2. Eurgh enjoy your time off now!! 5am is ~CRUEL! adore the tights! xxxx

  3. LOL. It's not Christmas unless you have a hangover.

    Lovely leggings. You look nice.

  4. love your stole. I do need some faux fur in my life pronto x

  5. Sounds like the perfect christmas x

  6. Aw sounds like youve had a lovely festive few days honey :)
    I was more cosy than fancy this christmas, just wanted to be comfy and have enough room for my food baby!hehe I love your shoes!!

  7. Love those tights! I remember the days of 5am starts for the first day of the tiring! Hope you enjoy your day off! x

  8. Sounds like you had a brill Christmas! I love your watch and necklace :-) x

  9. love your stockings......and your blog.........xx

  10. Love the faux fur :) I have a dark brown one and I just cant think of a good way to wear it! <3

  11. Awesome tights. And from Tecso of all places!! Nice find, I'm going to be keeping my eyes open for them next time I'm there!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x


  12. I am so smitten with those tights. A wonderful outfit to greet the holidays!

  13. Looking lovely. The stole is stunning.

    Sounds like a very interesting few days!

    X x

  14. Ahh so glad you had an amazing time :).. I've been wanting a black stole for ages and the shoes are such beauts x #GOLLYGOSH x

  15. Those tights are awesome! Glad you had fun! x

  16. those tights are seriously amazing!

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