A snapshot #5

001: Countdown begins! How scary is it that December has arrived already? I am not usually that much of a fan of Christmas having worked in hospitality since I was 15 for five years and in retail for the past five years. The festive period just means work to me. But this will the first christmas in five years that I will be spending the whole day with the boy so I can forget about working at 6am on Boxing day.

002: London Town. Back working in the city again this week. Oh how glad I am to be back! I am really enjoying it, loving being back writing again! Liverpool Street is a right touch too as I am there within 30 mins, much better than the hour journey to my last job!

003: 20 inch pizza anyone? Nomnomnom. My friend is now the proud owner of a two bedroom flat with a mortgage and everything! Slightly scary but as what was expected we all piled round there and ordered lots of pizza (two 20 inchers for £18. SCORE!) and got very merry on lots of wine! Perfect night in! I must also mention my very beautiful friend Jay who I spent the evening with, she was moaning that I don't mention her on my blog. Love you!

004: I have had a very lucky week this week. I first of all won Clothes Show tickets from Orly. Admittedly I didn't realise it was in Birmingham but I have managed to persuade my nan to come along! Secondly I came third in Style Eyes Ethical Fashion Competition with this outfit! I was very lucky to win a pair of simple canvas shoes, thank you so much Ceri! Lets hope my lucky streak continues eh?


  1. aww yummy! wish I had an advent calendar! x

  2. Congratulations on your winning streak! Hope you have fun at the clothes show :) x

  3. This is the first year in ages that ive not got tickets for the clothes show which is rubbish!

    Have an amazing time and enjoy the show

    Rianna xxxx

  4. I love that statue, need to get to see it for myself soon. Do you have trouble getting your chocs out though?? x

  5. Is that a thorntons callendar? WELL JEL.
    And I want a mortgage damnit, stupid rent taking all my saves

  6. I know I cannot believe it's December either!! yay congrats to you for coming third, I loved your bag and scarf in that ethical post.. How cool you've won tickets to the Clothes Show and you're taking your nan, lovely! :) xx

  7. Ugh, that pizza looks amazing, i'm starving! Well done on your wins, hope they continue for you :)


  8. it would of been nice to bump into each other but have a great time tomorrow - make sure you hunt down a goody bag at the end, i missed out on mine :( x

  9. I don't even like pizza much and I'm droooling!

  10. Jealous you're off to the clothes show, but what a doll you are for taking your nan!!
    Congratulations on the competition! whooooooop!
    Also how haven't you managed to eat your whole advent calender?x

  11. Hope you had fun at the Clothes Show. Your Christmas swop parcel is sitting in my room taunting me! Really want to open it!!

  12. Massive pizza...mmmmm! My favourite.
    Love your weekly round-ups. Have a great time at the Clothes Show, I'm going on Tuesday. x

  13. yay for your lucky streak, hope it continues! I have a choccy advent calender too, it's a Decemer must-have x

  14. Pizza! Yum! Hope you enjoyed The Clothes Show!

  15. Very jealous that you won Clothes Show tickets! I used to go every year when I was younger and always had a fab time. x

  16. oh my goodness that pizza looks amazing! i so wish i didn't visit your blog now, as i'm so darn hungry! hehe. xx


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