I should be so lucky

Lady luck has been on my side these last few weeks. Although if things really do come in threes, it has come and gone. Still it was pretty amazing while it lasted! My three giveaway prizes were pretty snazzy!

1. A Christmas hamper from AThriftyMrs
Look at all these goodies! I was over the moon to win a hamper filled with lots of yummy food to be eaten. My dad has already nabbed the peanuts! It will be perfect to take round my Aunts on Christmas day for all the family to munch. I had a stand-off with the mother about who would actually keep the hamper. Safe to say I won of course. Thanks so much once again :)

2. A Frankie dairy from Catherine
How beautiful is this diary? It is almost too pretty to write in. I have been lusting over Frankie diarys on blogs so was ever so please to get my hands on one! It is just a gorgeous in real life, really is the Queen of diarys. Thanks Catherine :)

3. A charm braclet from Vikki
Vikki was very kind and sneaked a candy cane into the package too! This wonderful charm bracelet, that comes with a cute working clock, is made by Define Elephants Jewellery who make such lovely jewellery. I am sure I am going to be the envy of all my friends :) Thanks lovely!

I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and say how grateful I am to have passed the 250 readers mark. It means so much to me! I am off to my Aunts house for Christmas Day, with 16 of us for dinner and 18 for tea it will be organised chaos. I can't wait!


  1. Ahh wow what lovely gifts, it's like Christmas has come early! I haven't seen those diaries before but they look perfect! Have a lovely Christmas! x

  2. Wow, lots of lovely things. I'd love a Frankie diary! x

  3. I would so want a Frankie diary, you lucky thing :) I never win giveaways! :p Happy Christmas love, sounds like you've got a hectic one planned! xx

  4. Congratulations on reaching 250, you deserve each subscriber! And these are such sweet packages, including a sneaky candy cane, what more could you want? Thanks for the lovely comment, I'm sure 2012 will be a good year. xxx

  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS GORGEOUS! Hope you have a cracking few days off :) And you are beyond lucky to be the receiver of all those pressies! :D ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  6. The hamper looks amazing! I'm glad you like your diary, have a lovely Christmas my dear :)


  7. Lovely things!!
    Have a fab Xmas. x

  8. The food hamper looks delish. DO I SEE SHORTBREAD? No buttery biscuit is safe around me...


  9. Wow, congrats on your amazing wins! x

  10. Aw congrats honey! You deserve it your blog is awesome :)
    Merry Christmas!


  11. Such lovely things to win, congratulations.

    Have a very Merry Christmas hun and enjoy.

    X x

  12. Hello how lucky are you! This hamper is insanely amazing! As is the diary. I am googling it as I type (I love diaries!)
    Have a beautiful Christmas lovely lady xx

  13. congratulations on all of your wins! the christmas hamper looks absolutely amazing, plus the diary looks ever so pretty! xx

  14. Wow! The diary is a beauty! Merry Christmas to you too my lovely!

  15. Wow you have been lucky! Very well deserving though - enjoy your winnings!

  16. What wonderful treats! Wishing you an amazing christmas hun, Scarlett x

  17. the hamper is so amazing. you are so incredibly lucky, so many goodies!


  18. Hope you had a great xmas xx

  19. Lovely, lovely blog! What lovely treats :-) hope you had a brill Christmas xxx


  20. That is so cool, the hamper looks fantastic. Hope you had a lovely xmas, enjoy the new year celebrations! x

  21. Hey lovely, just catching up on all my favourite blogs and wanted to thanks for featuring me in this post, I'm really glad you liked the bracelet and I hope you had a lovely Christmas! xxx


  22. You are super lucky! The hamper looks amazing and I really wanted a frankie diary this year! Hopefully your luck will keep on going :)
    Rachelle x


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