Soap and Glory Spray on Body Moisturising Mist - Review

As I have mentioned before, I am a huge fan of Soap and Glory and usually recieve a fair bit of it for Christmas and my birthday. I recieved the moisturising mist for my birthday back in January from a very dear old friend of mine. So old in fact we have been friend since we were both four. It really does show just how much body/skincare I have that I have only just gotten round to using a product I have had for 11 months. Anyway I digress.

Once again Soap and Glory packaging has come up trumps. I really do adore the retro feel and the pink and white make the product seem very girly. I like brands that seem to "talk" to you. Ted Baker is a prime example of this as you always find little sayings in the products, it helps make them feel more personal. In the particular product it states "Do your own flirty work". Well if you insist...

Onto the actual product. I always try to moisturise whenever I have a shower, particularly my legs. However this can be quite time consuming especially when you like thick products such as Palmers Coco Butter. Therefore this product is perfect for when you are in a rush and as the packaging suggests it really is a "mist". It is so easy to spray on your skin and dry almost instantly, very rarely do you have to rub it in. I don't think I will use this everyday as I still do prefer the luxury of a thick moisturiser on my skin. But once this has run out I think I will purchase it again as it is great for those mornings when you oversleep by half an hour.

Are you a Soap and Glory addict too?


  1. Yes, love the packaging. Very cute. I have never tried this product but would like to some time.

  2. i want to try so many products by this brand. the packaging is just gorgeous :) this product looks great!

  3. I love the Soap and Glory packaging. This sounds great for days when you're rushing to get ready. I think this may well be added to my ever growing Christmas wishlist!

  4. I love this, use it every week day as I can't be bothered to moisturise my whole body properly except at the weekend (and sometimes not even then)! I also use it on my neck under my face cream in an extra attempt to keep the wrinkles at bay even

  5. The product looks great! I like using Body Shop body butter on my legs but I'm far too lazy to do it after every shower!


  6. I've not tried any soap and glory products but the concept of this sounds fab.

  7. Great review, I really like this :) x

  8. I really like your reviews, and I've not tried anything by Soap and Glory yet but I love the packaging they have. Maybe I should add this to my Christmas list? ;) xxx

  9. I hope I get some Soap and Glory for this holiday season. Looks great!


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