Review: Egg Break, Notting Hill, West London

I've been working West for nearly two months and it's a part of town I'm not too familiar with. So when Hannah suggested we meet Lily for dinner in Notting Hill to try a new restaurant on her list, I didn't argue. It was about time I started to explore the area!

Enter Egg Break. Egg Break is a newish venture by Soho House that specialises in eggs. Funny that. It's taking a break for a while but will be back in business in February. Keep an eye out for the re-launch.

First things first. The service was pretty poor. They look an age to take our order despite us three being the only people in the restaurant bar a table of one. Our cocktail order was delivered after our food arrived once we had prompted our waiter. We complained about the service charged added on at the end because we didn't think the meal deserved it. In their defence, they look it off without any complaints but never really apologised for the poor service. Enough of the negativity, did we enjoy the food?

Yes we did. Very much so. Just as well really otherwise it may have been a disaster. I opted for the juicy pork belly, a flavoursome fennel sausage, spicy sriarcha mayo and peppery rocket in a soft, sturdy bun. All topped with a perfectly cooked fried egg. The runny yolk effortlessly melted into the spicy mayo, helping to create a fusion of flavours. For the sides, Hannah and I were greedy little piglets and opted from the creamy avocado topped with sea salt  - how can something so simple be so tasty?! - and crunchy miniature hash browns. I'm still dreaming about those hash browns.

Would I go back? Yes, I'd love to try their breakfast. Sometimes service can be a little hit and miss and hopefully by February they will have nipped this in the bud.


  1. Is that carbonara as well? This is already on my list of places to visit (need to remember when it relaunches) - let's hope the service improves!

    Saskia /

  2. That's a shame about the service, but thank goodness the food was worth it! x

  3. Agreed about the service, but Elodie and I went for brunch 2 weeks ago and it was SO good. The service was just a bit slow, neither here nor there. Let's go when I'm home! x

  4. You should check out The Shed in Notting Hill if you're looking for other places doing good food.

    Rosie xx

  5. Loved the food here but yes, we did wait a while when we were the only people in the restaurant! x


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