4 little changes you can make in 2016 for a new you

So 2016 eh? Those pesky new years resolutions should be in full swing now.

With every new year we all strive to make changes. Be it our career, our weight or simply doing something out of our comfort zone. But all so often we let things slip. Then we drop into old habits. Quite often because we set the bar high with unrealistic outcomes. It gets overwhelming and then all of a sudden the goal seems unattainable. The trick is to set yourself little goals so you feel a sense of achievement more often. I find this often spurs me on and keep me in check.

1. Move more
Now I'm never going to be a gym bunny. There's always some burger to be eaten rather than slogging my guts out on the treadmill. Whatever. But I love walking. I can walk for hours especially when there's beautiful scenery to gawp at. Instead of slouching at your desk eating your lunch, pop out for a brisk 30 minute walk. Take in the surroundings, discover new nooks and crannies and rest your eyes from the screen. If you don't have time, go for a wander after work. It can be a great time to catch up with your nearest and dearest too. You don't even feel like you're exercising!

2. Change you eating habits slowly
Life is far too exciting to be eating lettuce leaves and tomatoes all bloody day. So instead make a few healthier choices and you won't even feel like you're being good because it's so damn delicious. Swap rice, pasta and noodles for wholemeal versions. I find they offer more of a nutty taste and add a lot more to meals. Cut out meat and opt for fish or veggie options during the week. With the abundance of food blogs available, you're not going to be missing out. Make yourself up a fruit salad for the evening instead of opening those packets of sweets. And eat lots of avocado. Because every needs that in their life.

3. Slendertone.
I was kindly given one of these to road test. The electronic ab specialists have bought out a new version of their famous toning belt and it even connects to a snazzy app on your phones called Connect Abs. Designed to sit under your clothes with everyone being none the wiser and flattening your stomach in 4-6 weeks, it's easy to dismiss it as another expensive weight-loss gimmick. But it actually does what it says on the tin! I used it in the run up for Christmas and noticed a difference in my stomach. It's a very odd sensation and kinda tickles your stomach but after a few days you barely even notice that it's doing its business. It's obviously not going to work miracles and you'll still have to keep an eye on your healthy eating habits and keep fit. But combined with these two things, the belt does what it says on the tin. Now I haven't gotten rock hard abs yet but I am noticing the difference because lets face it I'm not ready to give up those burgers just yet. But I have no doubt that with some hard work on my part and some hard work on Slendertone's part, that dreaded pouch will soon be left behind.

The brand has actually just released a new workout, BBT: Body, Boost and Tone which is designed to  revitalise the body and work alongside Connect Abs. No excuses now!

4.  Make leftovers
It's not rocket science to know that food made from scratch is a lot healthier than convenience food. So on a Sunday cook in bulk and freeze. That way when you get home late from work, you simply have to pop to the freezer for a nice home cooked meal and won't be tempted by Dominos. Chili is a fantastic option. Have it on a jacket potato, over rice or over potato wedges. Simples.


  1. Cooking on a Sunday is the best - bulk cook makes for a much easier week :-) x

  2. These all sound like great tips, but the one I'm most excited about is the Slendertone. I'd LOVE to try one of these!

    - Elodie x


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