5 moisturisers for the winter

1.  Weleda Skin Food*
This handy tube is fantastic to keep in your bag to top up throughout the day - gotta keep that dry skin at bay! It is an absolute god send on my hands, really does make a difference. I love the gorgeous chamomile and rosemary scent that keeps your hands smelling fresh. The great thing is it's suitable for vegetarians too if you're that way inclined!

2. Palmers Cocoa Formula Night Renewal Cream
I treated myself to this last year in Chicago - those US drugstores are a dream right? I never even knew they had a facial range so made sure I brought this home in my suitcase. It has that same gorgeous smell of all Palmer's products and the luxurious thickness. It sinks in fairly quickly and doesn't leave your face with a greasy film. It's fantastic for the colder months because it's so thick and banishes any pesky dry patches that have crept up. A great budget buy that does exactly what it says on the tin.

3. Purepotions Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment*
Thanks to this ridiculously cold snap in January, my skin has been out of control. My face feels so dry, my hands are chapped and my legs shouldn't been seen until July. But thankfully this ointment has been a lifesaver. It instantly soothes and soaks in the skin, giving you instant relief. The brand was founded by a mum who wanted to give her eczema-prone daughter some relief after nothing worked. After experimenting in her kitchen, she came up with this formula. Boy am I glad. It works a treat!

4. No7 Early Defence Day Cream
This has been a constant repurchase for months. SPF? Tick. Anti-ageing? Tick. Non-greasy? Tick. All the right boxes! No 7 really can't do any wrong in my eyes. Their products are always reasonably priced, do what they say on the tin and never flare up my skin. I think I'm going be a loyal customer for many more years to come!

5. Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask
I harp on and on about this product like a broken record. I sometimes use it as an everyday moisturiser when my skin is misbehaving like a trooper. It sinks in the skin like a pro and give your that supple, soft look that you would make a million bucks to have. All for under 25 smackers! A little goes a very long way so the bottle lasts for ages.

What are your favourite moisturisers?


  1. I love that Weleda skin food; I've used that before, it's lovely!
    XO Amie

    Credit Crunch Chic

  2. I've heard some great things about the skincare from No7 - I might just pick this day cream up the next time since I'm desperately in need of a moisturizer right now! Lovely blog :) xx


  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing!



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