3 places in London to go for a quick lunch

Sometimes when you're dashing around London trying to fit in anything and everything, you don't always want somewhere to have a leisurely lunch. Places to see people! But that chicken ceasar baguette from Pret can only be eaten so many times. So here are three quick, cool and tasty independent eateries that are perfect to fill your belly before you soak up even more sights and run those errands. 

1. Banh Mi Bay
Vietnamese is one of my favourite cuisines. It's a fairly new one to me but I love how fresh, flavoursome and interesting it is. Hannah introduced me to Banh Mi Bay which specialises in the Banh Mi Baguettes. You can choose from a traditional roll or a french baguette before picking your filling - warm or cold. I opted for the warm spiced pork - what a good shout that was! For just a fiver, the Vietnamese roll comes bursting at the seams with pork, oodles of pickled shredded carrots, fresh cucumber and fiery chilli. Keep in mind it's not for the lighthearted! It's a great choice to a takeaway and they have three outposts dotted around central London.

2. Sampa
I stumbled into this Brazilian coffee shop by chance when I decided to shelter from the rain in Leather lane. Offering a delectable choice of sweet treats from slabs of red velvet cake to fruit custard tart to gooey chocolate brownies, it's the perfect place to get a sugar rush. I loved the industrial vibe with green succulents, rough wooden tables and mix-matched collages on the wall. It has the cool East London hipster vibe down to a tee - in central London. I spent a good few hours stuffing my face with cake with I blogged and didn't feel rushed at all by the staff.

3. Peyton and Byrne
I touched on this in a post last week but I couldn't leave it out! Again it offers fantastic sweet treats, healthy salads, decedent hot chocolates and scrumptious sandwiches. There really is something for everyone in this joint. Thanks to its central location in Covent Garden, it's in the middle of all the action. I personally recommend the roasted vegetable, pesto and mozzarella ciabatta. Perfection!

Do you have any suggestions for a quick bite to eat?


  1. Yum! Let's go for banh mi when I'm back, Sophie!! There's a place that does an incredible one here - as if I'm leaving behind so much good food </3

  2. I'm always looking for new ideas for my next trip to London. Noted :)

  3. I need to try Banh Mi - there's one by St Pauls but it's always shut whenever I walk by! x

  4. Banh Mi are my favourite lunch to have when on the go. It's so, SO fresh and flavoursome.

    - Elodie x


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