OOTD: Chunky roll neck jumper

Khaki trench coat: Primark (similar)
Two tone chunky knit roll neck jumper: New Look
Navy soft touch skinny jeans: ASDA* (similar)
Two tone brown and black heeled leather boots: TK Maxx (similar)
Poppy red medium lily: Mulberry

I took fashion advice from Hannah Gale and went on the hunt before Christmas for some long-line chunky knit roll neck jumpers. The girl has a cracking collection. I eventually came across some on New Look that tickled my fancy - this two tone jumper was one of two that I ordered. Now I want to order all the chunky knits in the world. They're cosy, easy to throw on and allow you to still feel put together yet as comfortable as wearing your jammies outdoors. Win win situation all round. Now when is payday so I can buy more?

Ah Neals Yard - an Instagram wet dream eh? I met up with Lily and Sarah whilst dragging along my RL friend for a brunch date at Dishoom and a bit of Shakespeare culture with Dame Judi Dench in A Winter's Tale. You should have seen my best friends gobsmacked face when we all whipped out our cameras to photograph our breakfast. The girl didn't know what had hit her! A Winter's Tale was fun. I didn't really have a clue what was going on for the first 20 minutes and really should have done prior research. But by the second act I was laughing at the jokes and it was a pleasure to see Dame Judi in action. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday I tell thee. 


  1. Love love love Neals Yard and love love love the colour of your Lily!

    Honey x The Girl Next Shore

  2. Every time I see a Shakeaspeare play I tell myself I should have researched it as I can't understand the language for the first minutes either!

  3. You always pull of chic and understated in a way that I can only dream of! I love the pop of colour with the neutral tones! Lovely :-) Hope you enjoyed your day x

  4. Such a lovely spot, even on a gloomy London day! x

  5. Love this outfit! I bought a very similar jumper in New Look just before Christmas, and it's the cosiest thing ever. I'd wear it 24/7 if I could get away with it! x

  6. Looks like a lovely little area, can't believe that jacket is from Primark! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for that in store.

    The Little Things

  7. nice look!


  8. That bag! (insert heart-eye emoji here) I'm also a new convert to the roll neck jumper-craze. I've been eyeing one up in Naf-Naf and it just got marked down so I might have to take the plunge.

    - Elodie x

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  10. oh sophie, what a bag! it's gorgeous. I've always been a roll neck gal so comfy xx

    isobel's personal style blog

  11. I love this outfit, great jacket!! :)
    Gorgeous blog banner by the way.
    Sally x


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