I'm like a bird

Coral bird print sheer shirt: Leather Lane market
Black skinny jeans: Primark
Black and white tweed long line blazer with a leather collar: Next
Leather black giraffe head loafers: Topshop
Gold statement necklace - H&M

This is what I wore to travel down to Leamington Spa - which was absolutely fantastic but more on that in another post. I've been after some tops and shirts to wear with skinny jeans for quite a while. I need ones that cover my bum otherwise I tend to look out of proportion. Luckily Leather Lane came up trumps (again!) with this gorgeous coral shirt. I don't have much in the #wardrobezoo so  this is a welcome addition!The loafers were also a Leather Lane find. I jumped at the chance for real leather shoes for only a tenner! Every year I like to buy a new coat and this is this years one. Given  the British weather I don't believe you can ever have too many coats which I suppose is why I seem to have 14...

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! I wish I could spend every weekend hanging out with my blogging babes!


  1. oh that coat of yours. that really expensive nicole farhi one ;)
    you little fitty! lovely to see you again Sophweeeee! hope your feeling better now :) x

  2. That coat is just amazing! I have far too many too, excited at the prospect of being able to wear them all soon! xo.

  3. Sophie you look a dream, that shirt is gorgeous! Looking forward to reading about leamington!


  4. I love your coat and that gorgeous blouse. Looking good hun x

  5. You look lovely. The coat is gorgeous! Love the loafers, too xx

  6. Such a cute print blouse :) I also like to inject a bit of colour into my A/W wardrobe!

    The Style Rawr!

  7. Love this shirt and your shoes!

  8. the loafers are beauties! Love the blouse as well xx

  9. I love this shirt, and the coat is fab as I said at the weekend - so very lovely to meet you! xxx

  10. Love this shirt. I'm seriously considering taking a day off to go to Leather Lane market! x

  11. Hope enjoyed Leamington, at uni it's pretty close and the charity shops are just amazing! Adore your shoes x

  12. SO much love for that tweed coat mrs! I've seen so many nice peices from next lately, it's really stepping up its game! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad


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