Leamington Spa

Last Saturday I travelled down ( or up?) to Leamington Spa for a blogger meet up hosted by the lovely Sarah who has the most amazing collection of dresses i've ever seen! Sarah and Char met me at the train station and after we'd waited for Gemma and Kim ,we treked off to the wonderful shop of  Berylune. This little treasure trove consisting of beautiful vintage trickets, wonderful stationary and colourful Zatchels.It's well worth a visit if you're ever in the area. We were treated to a giant slice of Sarah's gorgeous Victoria sponge in the "Bitch and Switch" room above the shop.It was here that Rosie and I bonded over our love (not!) of my home town. It turned out she knew someone from where I live. Small world eh?

After a cheeky cocktail in Wagamamas we took to the travel lodge to make ourselves beautiful for a night on the town. Hannah, Aisling and I may have had a cheeky glass of wine while getting ready... The darling Katy met us for dinner where I stuffed my face with some delicious noodles plus more cocktails. Of course!

After a mini bar crawl and some drunken dancing in Moo we managed to stumble home where the girls spoke of their disgust of me stuffing my face with a kebab. I honestly thought it was a staple after a night out...

With tired eyes we all woke up on Sunday morning ready to stuff our faces with cake and finger sandwiches at an amazing vintage tearoom. Seriously the cake collection was out of this world. It was the hardest decision of the weekend to decide what to have!

Thanks so much to the wonderful Lauren who very kindly dropped me off at the station. It was lovely to meet a fellow Essex girl! 

I had the loveliest of weekends and can't wait to do it all over again! 


  1. Looks like lots of fun, I don't live too far away from Leamington, it's lovely! X


  2. that looks like so much fun! x

  3. caaaaaaake! I want more cake and more dancing very soon xx

  4. You can't beat a good old blogger meet-up and you girlies looked gorgeous. x

  5. aw this looks like so much fun, so desperate to go to a blogger meet!! xx

  6. looks so fun!! I'm literally drooling over the cocktails and cakes!
    And I totally would of joined you with the kebab. EVERY night out must end with kebab and/or pizza! x

  7. Looks like a really fun meet up and some lovely photos of you all, the cakes look delicious.

    I am from Essex too but moved away about 17 years ago but as my ex bro in law used to say, you can take the girl out of Essex...., always lovely to meet someone from Essex though!

  8. Looks like you had such a fun time, SO SO SO SAD I couldn't go!!


  9. wagamamas <3
    it looks like it was so much fun! and you looked lovely!

  10. Was so nice to meet you, you are proper fun! And definitely small world! Hope I get to bump into you at another meetup soon! xo

  11. Sounds like a really fun weekend! The cakes look amazing. x

  12. yum that sponge looks AMAZING. sound like you all had funnnn :) xx

  13. Looks and sounds like a really fun weekend! I do need to come to another blogger meet up and not be so shy this time! xx


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