Sometimes good things never last

Brown scalloped blouse - Primark
Brown midi pleather skirt - Primark
Gold glitter heels - Primark
Pink and gold statement ring - Primark
China Glaze Adventure Red-y nail varnish - Via beauty drawer at work

So looks like I'm a walking advertisement for Primark! I have worn this outfit before on the blog minus the glitter shoes but in real life we wear things more than once right? I bagged these amazing shoes for just a tenner in the new Tottenham Court Road store a few weeks ago. I had to have them in time for the festive season. I'm a sucker for glitter, sequins and velvet in the lead up to Christmas.  I wore this to a surprise 50th birthday party at the weekend that my sister-in-law organised for their dad which she pulled off very well.

I'm off  out tonight for a night at the London Dungeons in association with O2 and Blackberry. I'm very excited to see some blogging friends and make some new ones. I just hope other people's costumes don't put mine to shame as I've had to come straight from work!


  1. You look lovely! That skirt is fabulous <3
    Have a great time tonight x

  2. gorgeous outfit, I love the blouse :) xx

  3. You always look so pretty and sophisticated soph! xo

  4. I love love love this outfit, clothes perfection!

    Maria xxx

  5. You look gorgeous, love the shoes, might have to keep my eyes peeled for them! x

  6. This was always one of my favourite outfits of yours, so I'm happy to see it again with the addition of some gorgeous heels! xo.

  7. When i saw this on IG i loved it, seeing it here now i love it even more, you look so so pretty. That blouse is gorgeous! Hope you enjoy your night!xx

  8. I wanted to go tonight but couldn't get time off work :( have fun! love that skirt xx

  9. I love that blouse, such a smart and sophisticated outfit xxx

  10. You look fab! I never quite know how to style a midi length skirt, I like how you've done it! Have a lovely time in London, I always thought the London Dungeons were terrifying! x

  11. Love this outfit! I can't wait to visit the new Primark. x

  12. I really like this outfit, its so 60s! <3



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