Thrifty Finds #2

Another installment of some junk i've picked up along my travels. I've cheated a bit as my mum brought me two of the items while I was away in Bulgaria. Lovely woman isn't she?

001. My collection of Kelly bags is slightly getting out of control! But I didn't have a red one and mum kindly picked it up for me when she went on a day trip with her friend. It's not leather but its in pretty good condition and makes a nice addition. I just need to get round to actually using my collection'
002. One of my best memories as a kid - I was and still am a geek - was trawling around boots sales with my mum and picking up 1960's - 1970's Enid Blyton books. I've built up quite a collection over the years and couldn't leave these two behind for just 50p each. I have no idea if I have them as our loft full to the brim and a no go zone!
003. Call me a forward planner as I don't even know if I'll get married but at my wedding I want afternoon tea with mix matched vintage crockery so am collecting tea cups and saucers just in case. Failing that I want a Welsh dresser when I finally move out filled up with vintage crockery. Yep I will have Aladins cave as a house. This cute cup and saucer was something else my mum picked up for me. She's just encouraging me to love junk!

Have you found anything special recently?


  1. vintage crockery afternoon tea sounds so perfect at a wedding x

  2. That Kelly bag is lovely and I adore the vintage crockery!

    Maria xxx

  3. Omg Brer rabbit! and the faraway tree! NEED TO READ THEM NOW. xo

  4. ooh the cup and saucer are really lovely, as is the bag! xx

  5. I love your kelly bag, they are so ladylike! Also loving the idea of afternoon tea with mismatched china.Faraway tree was a favourite of mine.

    WIth my favourite covers too!

  7. I have two bags like the red one, one in black and one in brown - I love them, very pretty! x

  8. Brer Rabbit was one of my childhood favourites too, love the teacup and saucer also. Such good finds xxx

  9. That bag is lovely! Good ol' charity shops eh. My favourite going out handbag is from a charity shop too, always gets loads of compliments and then I go 'and it was only 99p too you know!'


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