A snapshot #16

001-002. This week involved a lot of baking and a lot of eating by the looks of it. It was my boyfriend's dads 50th birthday so I baked him a carrot cake for his actual birthday and the strawberry cake was baked for his surprise party yesterday. I've come to the conclusion that I love feeding people haha!

003. We went out for a fancy meal for his actual birthday earlier on in the week and i'd forgotten just how tasty lamb shank actually is. I may have accidently consumed three courses that evening making fat club very hard Saturday morning.

004. I was given some preview tickets for Hotel Transylvania from work so my mother and I trotted along to the screening with a cheeky nandos on the way home.

005-006. The highlight of my week was getting to raid the beauty drawer at work and take some goodies home. I made a beeline for the nail varnishes as you can see - a Revlon orange one isn't pictured as I gave that to my mum. I'd never tried China Glaze before but had seen many reviews on different blogs. I love the fact it's so shiny and I haven't managed to chip it within an hour - that seems to be my speciality.

Have you all had a good week?


  1. really hungry after seeing this post! I'm in work and only have porridge with me :(

  2. That food looks amazing, I want cake now!

    Maria xxx

  3. your post has just made me super duper hungry!x

  4. We have been baking a lot too. Must be a fall thing. Everything looks so yummy.
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  5. oooh baking! I haven't done any for ages. May have to get baking next week x


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