You're not as brave as you were at the start

Red and white checked midi dress -  Asos
White plimsols - Vans
Pink staw bag - TK Maxx borrowed from the mother.
Red plastic watch - Toywatch

The one and only set of outfit pictures my boyfriend agreeed to take. To be honest i've lived in the dress during the hot days. It was a complete bargain brought from Leather Lane market (fast becoming my favourite place to shop) for only £10. The market has bundles of Topshop, Asos, New Look and Zara clothes - some are even current season. They just have the labels cut out of them. But if you shop as much as me you'll where they come from without the labels! I may have spent a small fortune there yesterday after I got paid. My mum very kindly lent me her holiday basket from TK Maxx. It was perfect to fit all the daily junk in as well as three pairs of shoes on the way home to ensure my suitcase wasn't over the limt!

I'm off out to catch the train to meet up with all my blogger babes in Lemington spa for a weekend filled with Wagamamas, alcohol and afternoon tea. Sounds like the perfect weekend eh?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you may do!


  1. Love the dress, I've never heard of this market, I need to investigate I think. have a fun weekend :) xx

  2. such a bargain that dress! Have a great bloggers meetup, I want to hear all about it! x

  3. I work in Temple and go to Leather Lane market every Friday...i absolutely love it!! Can't believe the bargains to be had for this season's stuff, although it's terrible for my bank account I can never seem to resist picking something up :) x

  4. Those plans sound so good. Have a great time, and what a lovely outfit / pictures!

    Karys x

  5. Love this dress! I need to check out Leather Lane market asap.x

  6. I love this dress, I am definitely going to have to send you with a shopping list for me! ;)

    Maria xxx


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