Red red wine

Wine coloured lace skater dress - Next
Black and white tweed boyfriend coat - Next
Black leather giraffe buckle shes - Topshop
Black bayswater - Mulberry
Selection of gold and cream bangles - Allsorted shops

Yes that is my beloved Mulberry you can see. I finally saved up enough money to buy my dream bag and it's safe to say i'm completely in love. I've wanted this bag since I was 15 and it feels amazing that I can finally say I own one. I've already set up another money tin to start saving for yet another bag! I brought this dress with the last of my Next discount and it's become a staple in my wardrobe. It's a great length for work and very comfortable for everyday wear.

I'm slightly suffering today from tiredness after rolling in at 5am this morning. Althought we didn't actually drift off to sleep until about 5.45 thanks to late night drunken talks. My friend moved to North London for Uni a few years ago and we decided to take advantage of her gaff and plan a girls night out in Camden. I had the best time dancing like an idiot and literally didn't stop laughing all night. I've rustled up a carrot cake to help make me feel a bit better. I think tonight might be an early night...


  1. You look gorgeous! I love everything in the outfit, especially the coat and amazing bag!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend! xo.

  2. The deep claret dress looks like it will be perfect for Christmas parties!

    le fresne x

  3. what a beautiful coat! And the bayswater......dreamy! Ha I have a piggy bank that has been dubbed "the prada fund" - glad I'm not the only one that does this! x

  4. that dress is so so pretty! and yay you! well done on saving up and getting your dream bag! thats an achievement! xx

  5. loved this dress on you in Leamington and love your bag even though its a fake from the market ;) haha xxx

  6. This outfit is lovely! And yaaaay to the bag!!!

  7. Yay Mulberry!!! Such a great feeling to finally own one! :D xx

  8. You look gorgeous, do love that coat and your bag is just BEAUTIFUL. How do you save by the way? Just putting money in a moneybox? Meant to ask you in Leamo as I want to start saving, you have inspired me! xo

  9. *sigh* i envy you for your mulberry bag!!!

    Miss drifted Snow White

  10. Love the dress, really suits you! & I'm happy that you have finally got your Mulberry bag too! :)

  11. Love the colour of the dress, and jealous of the bag!!!

  12. The bag is lush - I think I'd be terrified to use such an expensive bag though haha.

  13. love your dress, it's perfect for autumn, would look great with a leather jacket. Hurrah for your bag, it's a beaut x

  14. Congrats on the bag it's so beaut, my dream is to buy a chanel bag. Unforch I'm not too good at saving. Loving the dress too, lovely colour x

  15. That bag is beautiful, well done you! I love the dress too, such a nice colour...

    Maria xxx

  16. ow Mulberry... <3
    and that dress is perfection!

  17. GREAAT dress! love the colour, it's one of my favourites :)
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  18. Love the dress - it's a gorgeous colour!

    So happy for you about your bag, I'm able to purchase my Pippa bag on pay day - woop! Then I WILL be starting my Bayswater fund :) xx


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