Review: Haymarket Kitchen #takeonthetiger Burger Challenge, London

If you've been reading this blog regularly, you'll know burgers are what makes my world go round. As a result I've turned into a bit of a burger snob and am constantly trying out the next big thing. You can never eat too many burgers right? So when an email pinged in my inbox asking me if I was willing to undergo the #takeonthetiger challenge at the new Haymarket Kitchen in the uni favourite Tiger Tiger, I obviously emailed back a hell yeah!

I like to think I'm a greedy little monkey and can stuff my face with a whole array of different dishes without even flinching. But when this burger arrived? I did a little nervous gulp. It was huge, literally a monster! Filled with a juicy beef burger, succulent chicken breast, gooey cheese, crispy bacon, hot chilli sauce and a crunchy onion ring. Pretty spectacular right?

If you were still feeling peckish, the burger came with a side of yummy chips, a shot of Jack Daniels and a bottle of beer to wash it down. Definitely not for the faint-hearted. Tuck into some delicious pancakes for dessert if you're feeling brave enough!

So how did I do? Well I managed to scoff every single bite. Just. I have to be honest and admit I dissected it to eat it bit by bit. There was no way I could eat it like a normal burger. I'm so glad I decided to have an very early, light lunch that day.

For £25, the burger isn't the cheapest in the city but for two drinks as well, the price point isn't too bad. It's a really fun challenge to take on with friends - so easy to get competitive! It's not the best burger I've tasted but certainly not the worst. To be honest, you pay more for the novelty factor of the dish so it's worth doing.

Thanks for letting me tackle the burger Tiger Tiger!


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