5 tips to help you sleep better

1. Make your bed cosy. Make it into a little haven that you can call your own. So invest in some gorgeous bed covers, pop some pretty fairy lights around the headboard and pop some cushions on your bed. It makes getting into bed even more inviting than usual.

2. Invest in a lavender pillow spray. I always scoffed at the thought of these. But boy do they work. There's something very relaxing about snuggling into your pillow and breathing in a floral fragrance to help wash all the troubles of the day away.

3. Good pillows are everything. They can be the difference to waking up a grouch or waking up full of zest to face the day. I personally prefer some nice and firm on top with a soft feather pillow underneath for the contrast. This Zonal Support Pillow from sleepy people.com* offers next support and holds its shape perfectly. I find with feathers they  get too scrunched up throughout the night and I wake up like a bear with a sore neck.

4. Switch off and opt for a book instead. I find getting lost in a good book makes my eyes droop and I fall asleep a lot quicker. Staring at your phone can strain your eyes and make you feel completely wide awake. Give yourself some down time. Your body will thank you in the morning when you wake up fresh as a daisy.

5. During the week try and go to sleep at the same time. It's easier said then done thanks to Netflix but it can really help your tired eyes. Get into a routine and it will help your quality of sleep. Hopefully you should wake up without an alarm which is always nice!

Do you have any tips to share?


  1. Hot baths before bed, gentle classical music (the minecraft soundtrack works wonders!) while you relax in bed. Ovaltine!

  2. All of the above! Apart from the lavender pillow spray, I'm allergic to the most calming smell ever! Just my luck ;) x

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