Review: The Force Of Destiny opera, Coliseum

Last week I got to tick something off my bucket list and took a trip to the opera. The English National Opera to be precise. Isn't the Colisseum absolutely breathtaking? I always feel like such a fancy pants when I visit a grand theatre and get lost in a dream world imagining all the people who have visited in the past.

I managed to catch The Force of Destiny*. During wartime a dying man curses his daughter after he was accidentially killed by her lover. Her brother swears revenge and she is forced into hiding. As you can imagine it was very dramatic and emotional. I was blown away by the beautiful, powerful voices and it gave me goosebumps.

Now it isn't for the lighthearted at nearly four hours long, but with two intervals It's very much doable. Just means you have to have double the ice cream!

If you can't fit in the opera before Christmas then save your money for Norma - coming to the stage 17th Feb. There are at least 500 tickets at each performance priced under £20 so grab yourself a bargain!

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  1. I havent been to ENO for ages. My dissertation was on brand new opera project they put in there!x


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