Review: Dressed by Angels exhibition, London

One of my favourite things about London is that there's always something new going on. Be it a pop-up restaurant, a temporary sculpture or an interesting exhibition like this. Dressed By Angels got in touch to see if I wanted to pop along to their new costume exhibition. As a film and TV buff I said yes please!

Running until January 3, the exhibition is celebrating a staggering 175 years of the costume retailers Angels with over 100 different costumes. That's seven generations of one family. I actually used frequent the fancy dress show in Shafteburys Avenue for my old job finding bits and bobs for photoshoots. But I had no idea the costumer provided some of the most iconic costumes seen in television and film.

The highlight of the exhibition for me was coming face to face with Sharpe's jacket. Oh how I loved Sharpe as a kid. I watched it religiously and have such a soft spot for the hunky Sean Bean and his Sheffield accent. I've been trying to persuade my boyfriend to buy me the boxset for years... The Only Fools and Horses Batman and Robin outfits were a hoot too.

I spent the whole time wandering around exclaiming to my friend 'LOOK AT THAT ONE'! It amazed me just how many of the costumes were in such high profile films and shows. They featured in multiple Oscar and BAFTA award winning films as well as numerous Oliver and Tony award winning shows.

All made in London too. Incredible. It's well worth popping along to for a lazy afternoon marvelling at the insane detailing of the costumes. Tickets cost from £10.80. Try and spot your favourite show!


  1. Sean Bean was a total babe in Sharpe.The V&A Supremes exhibition was great a few years ago,some amazing outfits there xx

  2. most of the costumes were made by bermans not angels at all


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