Celebrating Diwali Festival with Sainsbury's

Indian cuisine has to be one of my favourite type of dish to eat - it's ranked at the top with Caribbean. I like my food to have a bit of a kick! To help celebrate the Hindu Festival of Light Diwali on November 11, Sainsbury's invited me down to have a curry masterclass with Masterchef winner Dhruv Baker and show off their range of Indian ready made dishes. How could I resist?

Sainsbury's has a whole range of different, delicious Indian ready made dishes. From crispy onion bhajis to spicy chicken biryani, the range is all made by hand in one factory. Amazing right? I know I'm guilty of assuming any type of fast, convenience food is mass produced without a care in the world. But Sainsbury's try really hard to ensure their food is of a high standard. As always, it's so interesting to hear the process behind how the dishes are created and how passionate the chefs and product developers are.

After sampling the yummy Taste The Difference Chicken Biryani above, it was time to save some room for one of Dhruv's dishes. This I was looking forward too. After stuffing myself on many poppodoms as I watched the demonstration, I very nearly didn't have enough room to sample his curry. But of course, I took one for the team!

The okra and baby aubergine curry was fantastic. Usually vegetarian curries are a let down. But this was rich and creamy with just the right amount of spice. The unusual okra really gave it a certain something. I may have had two helpings of this before squeezing in the mango sorbet.

Thanks for such a great evening Sainsbury's!


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