Run like the wind

Pink t-shirt - Nike
Cropped training leggings - Nike (similar)
Nike purple free runs 5.0 - c/o SportsShoes

This is my running outfit. Yes, I Sophie Warner, has decided to take up running. After spending years avoiding exercise like the plague, I was known to write my own letters to get out of PE - sorry mum - I decided it was about time to finally do some exercising. My best friend very impressively ran the marathon this year and I decided to follow in her footsteps and put my running shoes on. This is where these rather snazzy looking Nike Free runs come into play. I never thought i'd see the day that I would get excited about receiving a pair of trainers in the post!

Personally I exercise better - like any aspect in my life - if I feel I look nice. It helps me have an extra spring in my step because after all, you don't really know who you're going to bump into when your jogging down the cycle paths. I don't need someone I've not seen in 10 years bumping into me looking like a raggamuffin. Bright colours get the thumbs up from me as if you don't want to blend in during your day-to-day life than why would you when running? A little slick of basic make up doesn't go amiss either - bronzer, concealer and mascara means i'm ready to take on the world.

Now onto the trainers. I opted for the Nike Lady Free 5.0 in a gorgeous purple colour. I had very high hopes and by god did they deliver. If I'm honest I didn't really expect them to make that much of a difference. But I was pleasantly surprised. The trainers made me feel like I was walking on air and the flexible sole made running so much easier helping me keep a good pace. They fit my feet like a glove and felt so comfortable - my previous trainers made the sides of my feet ache. No aching feet in these. I really couldn't recommend them enough.

Do you like to make a bit of an effort when you exercise?


  1. Love the trainers you chose! Running is great - glad you're enjoying it so far! x

  2. woop way to go! I really need to get back into some form of exercise, I have trainers hiding in my cupboard poor things x

  3. I have to admit I'm really bad with choosing clothing for exercise. I tend to go for loose and baggy rather than bright & colourful. Maybe I need to make a change. I love your trainers though, nothing beats a comfy pair. Good luck with your running.

  4. You fitty! Adore these trainers and the ombre effect, very cool!


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