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Edited by the amazing Michelle, independent magazine Aesthetic is the city girl's ideal guide to getting the most out of life. Produced quarterly, it's the perfect publication for an ambitious and conscientious twenty-something girl. This issue is full to the brim of amazing lifestyle, interiors, career advice, style and recipe articles. With illustrations by the talented Ella Masters, Yasmin Mason and Carly Watts, you won't be able to stop flicking through the 92-page issue. The fourth edition is sure to be well worth a purchase. You can order your copy here - make sure you hurry though because as I said it's promising to be an absolutely corker!

Make sure you give our facebook page a cheeky like and keep an eye on our online version which is updated daily. In case you didn't know I'm the Heath and Lifetsyle Editor of Aesthetic Online. We're also on twitter if you fancy having a little chat!


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