Festival shopping with Joules

Thanks to the unpredictable weather, dressing for a festival can be hard work. You never know if it's going to pouring rain or blazing sunshine. That's why it's essential you pack sensibly for all occasions - you don't want to carry your whole wardrobe on your back. Trust me, I've tried it at Reading. I got as far as the train platform where I live and collapsed on the bench. NEVER AGAIN!

Luckily, the classic clothing company Joules has came up trumps with some cracking pieces. The festival clothing range from Joules is right up my street!  Wellies are an absolute must - don't even think about leaving home without them. These gorgeous navy bow wellies are practical yet still pretty, proving you don't have to scrimp on style. An umbrella can help keep you dry as well as shade you from the sun. I'm sensing a bit of a navy theme with this spotty umbrella! Finally, layers are key as when the sun hopefully comes back out you want to strip off and keep cool. I love the cute partridge jumper and the floral polo shirt will look brilliant with a pair of cut off shorts. A quilted jacket with a handy hood finishes off any outfit perfectly.

How would you pack for a festival? Any tips you want to share?

This post is a collaboration with Joules.


  1. I love that jacket! Wellies and knee high socks would be my festival essential as its probably going to rain at some point...x

  2. quilted jackets are def a must for a festial, loves the wellies too.

  3. Love this! My only tip would be, don't get those cute ankle wellies. They may look extra cute with your shorts, but the mud will get in and you will end up with no shoes for the rest of the weekend. Meh.

    Not that it happened to me, eh... Haha!

    -Elodie x


  4. Lovely post, I do love Joules, last year when I went to reading I planned my outfit for each day, and brought layers in case it was colder than expected, also rain ponchos are pretty good, not so stylish though! Fab blog, now following! hope you follow back :-)
    amy xx

  5. I absolutely love the quilted jacket so much & the wellies are super cute! Joules is always a place I stop by and admire all the pieces even though they're usually a little out of my price range. I'm tempted to save for the jacket though, it's lovely! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  6. The weather here has been on the cooler side too! So weird for CA! Love the pieces you picked girl! Those navy bow wellies with the red bows in the back need to come home with me:))!

  7. Loooove the bow wellies, very adorable x

  8. seing all these festival posts makes me so sad that i can't go to a festival this year. saving up my money because i will be moving in the winter time. i love the bow wellies and got some at primark. they are awesome.


  9. This is the cutest festival look! I love the layering capabilities. Those wellies are amazing though! I'm going to need a good pair now that I live in a state that rains a lot! <3


  10. That umbrella is so cute - I love the bow!

  11. Oh my! The wellies!! so cute x


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