Maybe next year I'll have no time

Black t-shirt crop top - Topshop
Green floral spilt midi skirt - Topshop
Gold heeled high sandals - c/o Boohoo

I saw this skirt on Robyn and decided I just had to have it. After I found out it had a matching crop top - hurry up payday! - I completely lost myself. I'm a complete sucker for matchy matchy! I quite fancy treating myself to this too to go with the skirt. Crop tops seem to be my new favourite thing at the minute. I'm not entirely sure why i've been converted as I don't really like showing my flesh. But I love the way they look with midi and high waisted skirts. As this is what the majority of my wardrobe is made up off I thought i'd better jump on the bandwagon! I went a bit overboard on the Topshop website with this months wages. I do have slight buyers remorse as I'm now skint but not enough to take it back! Next month it's back to being good as i've got New York to book in October and need all the money I can get. Exciting!

I'm wearing this outfit for a trip up to Lincoln to visit some family on Saturday. We're going out for lunch there and then onto a family party in the evening so I wanted something that I could dress down and up. I'm going to wear my Zara pointed flats during the day. They don't seem to be off my feet lately!

What do you have planned for the upcoming weekend?


  1. I have "didn't buy quick enough" remorse this month re the Topshop site :( I hung on to see if a pair of shoes would get reduced a bit more in the sale and now they're sold out.

  2. Oh Sophie you little dream. LOVE this skirt so much, and your crop top looks bloody amazing! Hope you have a lovely time in Lincoln at the weekend, we need to get a Dream Team dinner in the diary! xx

  3. Sophie you look so fit here, this skirt is a beauty and looks amazing on you!!!! xxxx

  4. loving the abs! great look hun. xx

  5. that's such a lovely print, it would be fab all matchy matchy!x

  6. This outfit is gorgeous! Love love love that skirt!

    Sophs xx
    The Sopho Diaries

    1. Twit twoo! Looking hot Missy. No need for WW your waist is teeny tiny and looking great in a crop top. The skirt looks perfect on you too xx

  7. looking gorgeous! love the long skirt with crop xx


  8. looove the skirt, you look amazing sophie! i'm a complete sucker for crop tops too :P x

  9. Ah, this is the skirt we were talking about when I saw you outside Toppers! Looks amazing on you. x

  10. God dayyyuuuumn lady, you look amazing! I love the skirt. xo

  11. I love the title of your blog, It pretty much sums me up!! Great skirt and styling. Hollie x

  12. You look incredible! <3 <3

    Jennie xo |

  13. Sophie I grew up in Lincoln! I never knew you had fam there :D are you city centre? Aaaaaanyway, you look lush baba, that skirt is a beaut! <3 Claire at Jazzpad

  14. Gorgeous! love the shoes, you look amaze x

  15. You look amazing Sophie! Love the lippy you have on as well as the outfit :) xx

    Sarah @ xx

  16. Cute look Sophie! Love the crop top with the floral midi skirt and ankle strap heels! :)

  17. This skirt is amazing and if I had your lovelyu figure, I would wear a crop top all the time!!

    Maria xxx

  18. Yayyy the skirt, it looks so so good on you :) I might wear it tomorrow as I miss its floral charms <3 xxx

  19. YefYou look stunning and that skirt is gorgeous.



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