July empties

This month I seemed to have gotten through more make up than usual which was very well needed. My make up drawer is overflowing and slightly embarrassing to look at!

001. Etat Pur Biomimetique Micellar Cleaning Water
I received this in my goodie bag at the AX Paris event a few months ago and it helped me dip my foot into the cleansing water trend. It makes taking off make up 110% more easier - I'm a major fan. This didn't irritate my eyes and worked wonders getting rid of stubborn mascara. When I used to take off my make up I'd still look like a panda when I woke up the next day!

002. Schwarzkopf Silhouette Color Brilliance Hairspray
This was given to me by the wonderful Sarah and i've had to fight my mum for it all month. The scent is so nice and makes such a welcomed change from the usual hairspray cough-inducing scent. It held every strand in place without a sticky feeling and a little went a long way. I'm not actually sure if it enhanced my colour to be fair but it's on my list to buy again!

003. Garnier Fresh Essentials Refreshing Toner

004. Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara
This mascara was recommended to me on twitter after I asked for some drugstore mascaras who lived up to their claims. I loved the big bushy brush and the product glided on without any clumps. It really did do what it said on the pot - with a little helping hand from eyelash curlers but I use them anyway for some extra oomph. It dries very quickly and doesn't smudge. If I didn't have so many other mascaras to work my way through I'd run out and replace this straight away.

005. Caudalie Lip conditioner
This is one of the best lip blams I've tried. It's the perfect remedy to smooth on before you go to bed if you want your lips to be lovely and soft for when you wake up. I think it's the ideal lipstick prep and can be a winner for when I want to wear a red lip. This is a product I can see myself buying time and time again.

006. Superdry Neon Pink Female Fragrance
This was given to me at work and it's brilliant for an everyday perfume. With hints of vanilla, rose and pineapple it feels like a great summer scent. I wasn't too impressed by the hint of musk but that's just personal opinion. It isn't the longest lasting but then it's not going to be for the price.

007. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Medium
I still can't get over the fact this product is under a fiver. It offers very heavy coverage - my favourite kind - and hides a multiple of sins. In fact, my dad tells me I look rough when I don't apply it. Charming! This shade matches my skin perfectly and a little goes a long way. I get a good 6 weeks usage out of this tube.


  1. Ow man. I haven't finished a product in absolutely ages. Such a product floozy with about six face cleansers on the go...! That Caudalie lip conditioner sounds amazing! xx

  2. Good work with the empties! The Bourjois mascara sounds great - one to add to my list when I've worked my way through my collection. x

  3. Just like Michelle, I haven't finished a product in forever. Oops! Did you get my secret santa? The Caudalie lip balm was one of the presents!

    -Elodie x

  4. Awesome I soo going to buy that superdry neon pink female fragrance thanks to you! hehe x
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin if you'd like?


  5. Love all of these products!

    Xo, Hannah


  6. love that concealer, best budget beauty buy ever x

  7. sweetie I really love your blog!!
    You look amazing on your outfits and I really love your style! You have maybe the best style ever hun!! I am visiting your blog every day:)
    I would appreciate it if you could check my blog and follow me:)
    Love & Keep in touch


  8. Everybody talks so well about that concealer! What a pity we don't have that brand here in Spain :( I always look for heavy coverage too, do you have another favourite concealer from another brand? :)

    <3, lookatmonica.blogspot.com


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