If money was no object

I am constantly dreaming of being somewhere with a sunnier climate. It seemed too good to be true for the hot weather to last here in England right? I'm still bringing out the bare legs in spite of the rain. When I'm daydreaming of a hot country - usually when I'm squeezed in a tube carriage on my way home - I like to think about my ideal beach appropriate outfit. If I had endless pots of cash i'd opt for a beach outfit from Heidi Klein. I much prefer a bandeau style bikini top when I'm sunning myself and there's nothing worse than two glaring white strap marks ruining an evening outfit. I much prefer my tan lines hidden thank you very much. This straw bag is the perfect size for lugging around holiday essentials which always include a good book - the trashier the better - and an endless supply of sun cream. Wrinkles are not my friend. Finally a pretty cover up is vital for when you finally move from your sun lounger in search of some food. The waiters in the restaurant do not want to see me in my bikini!

Oh how I wish I was going away on another beach holiday! But i've heard it's 28 degrees in Warsaw so the bank holiday weekend will not be too shabby.

Have you had your summer holiday yet? If not, where are you off too?

This post was written in collaboration with Avenue 32.


  1. Summer hols seem to past so quick. Mine was only 2 weeks ago but seems like forever ago now! Love your picks. I should have opted for a bandeau bkini as I have the worst sun tan lines.

  2. I love everything you've picked out. You've got such great style! And I totally wish I was going on a beach holiday as well :/ awh, maybe next year :))

  3. Wow! i love that bikini, im with you on the bandeau front (typing that word makes me want to sing spandau ballet) though i always think they're going to fall down! xxx

  4. That red two piece is so cute! <3


  5. Hi Sophie! I love the colour of that bikini - so perfect for summer! :) X



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