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Cat-eye tortoise shell glasses - c/o Glasses Direct 
Black bauble necklace - New Look
Black leopard print collared coat - Topshop
Black and white abstract print shirt - River island via Leather Lane Market
Black skinnies - Primark
Black and white Dalmatian print pony haired loafers - Next

As some of you know I wear prescription glasses full time. I'm far too lazy to wear contact lenses all the time as I much prefer to have that extra time to indulge in some shut-eye. Therefore when I look for glasses I like pairs that make a bit of a statement so when Glasses Direct got in touch I was immediately drawn to Scout Glasses on their website. I like anything vintage inspired so knew I had to get these cat-eye specs when I saw them. With plenty of women's glasses on offer, it was a hard choice! I was a bit self conscious at first with these frames. I don't very often go so big and was worried they drowned my face. But now I've been wearing them for a week or so I love them! Nearly everyone I've seen has passed a comment about how lovely they are. If that isn't reassurance I've made the right choice then I don't know what is!

This is a typical work outfit for me. A pair of super soft Primark skinnies with a some sort of shirt thrown on. It's comfortable yet makes me look presentable. I hope. My colleagues must start to think I only have one type of trousers and I don't wash them!  I did have this bright idea of wearing heels when I started working in London along with just wearing Topshop and Zara clothes exclusively. That never did happen. Instead I'm a flats fiend and still spending all my dollar in Primark. Maybe one day...

What style of glasses do you like best?


  1. Very cute even if it is a work outfit :)
    Love the mixture of patterns!

  2. Loooove the collar on your jacket!

  3. Ultimate babe, I heart your shoes and that shirt Sophie! Wish I was coming for a burger tonight ): xxxx

  4. I love that coat, really wish I'd bought it! The glasses look fab, I prefer contacts as my eyes are so bad that glasses make my eyes look weird!x

  5. I love the new glasses! They really look lovely on you. I'm jealous of that coat too, I always wanted to snap it up when it was first in store. xo

  6. Love this outfit! You look lovely :) These are the exact glasses I'm looking for!

    Jade x

  7. These glasses are amazing on you, I love the shape!

    Maria xxx

  8. Love these glasses on you and your top bun looks amazing on you.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Kate Spade and Leopard'. I think you would love it.


  9. I wear glasses to like you.
    Im using it since junior high school, that's why I had so many glasses in different color and style.
    For now, my choice is cat eye glasses. U can see it in my blog :)

    Just blogwalking and find ur blog
    nice to meet u :)
    Please visit my blog if u have a time. Thank you :)

    Hello from Indonesia :D
    IG/Pinterest/Twitter : @tazty

  10. Sophie, that jacket with the leopard print collar is so darling!! I also love the pattern of your blouse :) xo

  11. looking awesome! cute glasses xx

  12. You look so cute! Love the glasses. I got the Zoe Deschanel vibe from you!

  13. i absolutely love your glasses, tortoise shell always look amazing!

  14. love your shoes - next have so many nice sandals and heels in at the minute! lovely outfit!

    bec X

  15. This is such cute look! I love your sunglasses!


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