Red and White

White sheer sleeveless blouse - c/o New look
White and red gingham full midi skirt - Asos via a bootsale
Cut out nude patent brogues - Dorothy Perkins
Rose gold watch - Birthday gift from Next
Statement cream gem ring - Accessorize

This skirt first caught my eye while I was trawling through the archives of Atlantic Pacific  - can I be Blair please? Her shoe collection makes me die. I didn't have the money at the time to buy it from Asos directly but kept my eyes peeled on eBay. They kept going for too much money so I gave up but at a bootsale last week I saw it fluttering in the wind. I couldn't get over there quick enough. The seller originally wanted £5 but being the hard bargainer I am I managed to nab it for £3. Seriously £5 for a skirt at a bootsale?! You ain't never gonna get that love!

I'm off out tonight for a celebratory dinner to say a big well done to my brainy boyfriend who managed to gain a 2.1 degree. It's been a tough roller-coaster for him over the last 5 years as he worked towards it and I'm so, so, so proud of him. He worked full time doing an apprenticeship while studying for a degree part time - something that I could never have done! Past the sick bucket? That Mulberry bag I mentioned buying me to celebrate still stands you know Connor... A black Lily will do nicely.

Have you got anything planned for the weekend? Picked up any bargains from the bootsales?


  1. Love this outfit so much. You look gorgeous. Love the bag skirt so much xx

  2. Well done to your clever clogs boyfriend! Your outfit is a dream! xx

  3. Your boyfriend's degree is impressive - well done him!
    Love your watch; rose gold is such a lovely colour. We sell some watches, but they are quite quirky from Chelsea Doll and I have to say not as pretty as yours.

  4. Gaahd you are so lucky finding that beautiful skirt at a car boot! Congrats to the boyfriend too. xo

  5. Sophie I adore this outfit! xxx

  6. Your blog header is amazing!!! It's so pretty and unique. The skirt is soooooooo beautiful, I'd feel a little bit like little red riding hood :D xx
    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. Love this 50s look! Wish I could pull this off!x

  8. OH. MY. GOD!!!! I loved it when Blair from A-P wore this skirt! I cannot believe you found it for so cheap! You lucky thing!!!!!

    - Elodie x

    PS - You look amazing. I hate you.

  9. Well done to your bf!
    I love this outfit, so 50s! xx

  10. That's such a lovely skirt! The gingham print is just perfect :)

  11. What a fabulous boot sale find and such a gorgeous outfit! I must admit I am useless at bargaining for things at boot sales!

    Florrie x

  12. such a great find, well done you x (plus you look gorgeous)

  13. Oh this skirt is lovely and SO you, I am super jealous!

    Maria xxx

  14. You look so chic and lovely in this outfit Ms. Sophie! :)

  15. I love your skirt! It's so pretty! And I love how you've styled it.

  16. Lovely look with a vintage twist x

  17. I love this outfit. That skirt is gorgeous and such a good find! x


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