Ann Summers Press Day

A good few weeks ago now I was invited down to see what Ann Summers had to offer in terms of underwear. The company seems to have quite a smutty reputation and this is something they're keen to move away from and become more appealing to women. After all there's nothing smutty about the underwear they have to offer! They had amazing quality and pretty underwear on show. It's not just for the bedroom.  I adore the Kickerbox range in the first picture. It's pretty and practical for everyday wear at a very reasonable price. The girly colours and patterns were lovely. After all having nice matching underwear really does add a spring in your step. Just me?

The company is actually launching a new underwear fitting service. Believe it or not, so many women are still not wearing the right size bra and it's unbelievably important to make sure your bra fits you properly. The staff are expertly trained and rather than whip out the tape measure, they do it by eye. My consultant was spot on! You're then given a selection of bra styles to try on in privacy in the fitting room to see which one you like the best. It feels so much more comfortable than having to get half naked in front of a sales assistant. The 14-year-old in me still cringes at that thought.

Have you ever splashed out on Ann Summers underwear?


  1. I love Ann Summers underwear. Love having matching sets, makes me feel a little bit special I suppose.


  2. I've spent £80 once lol I've got carried away !
    It's lovely stuff though


  3. Now this is a press event I would have loved to go to. Ann Summers do the best bras in my opinion, because they do something for everyone, and for bigger busts too! xx

  4. they are so cute!!! I always love bras with lace design <33

  5. I still can't quite get past the 'ooh-errr' thing of going into Ann Summers! Though I have heard they make a great range in the larger cup sizes so I think it's probably time I wo-maned up :-)

    Jem xXx

  6. I've never bought lingerie from Ann Summers I always thought it was a bit role-play dressy up kinda thing but these actually look sexy and cute! xx

  7. Amazing lingerie, I have never heard of this brand before but it does look amazing!

  8. I must admit I believe the hype and don't really go into Ann Summers for undies, but these ranges are looovely! Especially like that floral set which is just peaking out on the hanger :) ♥ Claire at Jazzpad

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  10. Ann Summers lingerie is gorgeous and sexy. I feel that it took over from La Senza as the best High Street Lingerie store and was probably one of the reasons for its decline. The re-launched La Senza doesn’t doesn't match the range of product and the quality Ann Summers has from the babydolls, cami suspenders, corsets, nightwear and hosiery

    I remember probably almost 20 years ago when they just had that one store in Wardour Street which had the blackened out windows and curtains across the door stopping people looking in from the street. They have gone an incredibly long way from there now in High Streets across the country allowing people to shop for Ann Summers products without feeling that they are buying something smutty. The problem for them is there is still that stigma against them from people still look upon it as that place where you can by the sex toys and the rabbits.

    The launch of Ann Summers underwear fitting service is another sign of their maturity in the market with a reported 4 out of 5 women that were the wrong size bra having that service in-store is a great service to have which is what all the department and other specialist lingerie store do.

  11. Quite surprised/impressed with the underwear in these photos, I was also one of those people who didn't really step a foot into Ann Summers as it seemed more of shop. But I really do love the bras here! x

  12. I quite like Ann Summers, prefer it to La Senza for sure!



  13. such pretty stuff - i actually hadn't heard of the brand until now. thanks for sharing!


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