Summer slip ons

Today the sun had finally put it's hat on - how long till it last? - so it had me thinking about the perfect summer shoe. I don't really need much excuse to buy shoes so these are just a few of my picks for this year. You can find some absolutely amazing women's shoes online.

I'm obsessed with ankle straps at the minute and these teal asos sandals tick all the boxes. The beautiful colour is neutral enough to go with most things and the gold ankle strap add a little bit of bling. Yes I did just go there with that word.

I'm a animal print fiend especially when it comes to leopard print. I love it and think it's the ultimate accessory. These Oasis sandals have just the right amount with it screaming in your face. I love the simple straps and back support. There's nothing worse than a sandal slipping while you're trying to go about your daily business.

Sometimes you need a little height. I'm not talking penguin wobbling impressions height but more have a strut in your step height. This is where the Asos flatforms come into play. I'm envisioning these with patterned trousers and midi skirts. An investment no?

If money wasn't any object i'd buy these Swedish Hasbeens in a heartbeat. Nothing screams summer to me than a good clog and the pretty pastel colour pulls at my heart strings. I'm just not too keen on wearing them - I don't deal with pain very well.

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  1. I love Swedish Hasbeens! I got a pair of sandals in the Zara sale - I couldn't justify full price with our terrible English weather! xx

  2. I'm definitely after some Hasbeens too! There's a brand on Spartoo called summat like 'Comptoir Scandinave' which do some pretty good dupes for like half the price ;) xo

  3. Theese are all really cool! I like the flatforms a lot. x


  4. I've always loved Swedish Hasbeens, I'm not sure I could pull them off though, I worry they'd look really clunky on me! I really like the ASOS Flatforms too xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  5. I love Swedish Hasbeens so much, I don't think they'd suit me at all so I shall continue to admire from afar!

    Jennie xo |

  6. really like these ones;)x


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