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It's that time of year again where the legs come out and you start panicking about all the neglect you've shown them during the winter months. In the ideal world it would be brilliant to think about laser hair remover costs as it will take the hassle out of making your legs look spit-span. But if this isn't an option, I find these steps help the most when shaving every other day becomes a necessity.

I like to use two sets of moisturiser during the summer months. I find Palmers Cocoa Butter works wonders on dry legs. The thick luxurious butter may take a few moments to sink in but it makes your legs feel silky smooth - yep I did just use that phrase! I used a body brush straight after around to top of my thighs to help keep the circulation moving. I find this works well with the odd bit of cellulite! Finally Garnier Gradual Tanner will help give you a nice glow - I find it tales around three consecutive days for a good tan to appear. Keep in mind once you stop it will start to go streaky. I tend to have it on daily and then scrub it all off during a pamper session by Sunday and start all over again.

When it comes to sandal weather there's nothing worst than crusty feet and unpainted toenails. I find Soap and Glory Heels Genius works a treat if you leave it on overnight in a pair of cosy socks. I love a bright statement nail polish for toes. My favourites at the minute include Rimmel Hot Shot, Essie Fear or Desire and OPI The Spy Who Loved Me.

What are your tricks to get summer ready legs?

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  1. i love cocoa butter everything, such great products!

  2. I'm really lazy about moisturising my body but I do love Palmers - it smells so good. x

  3. The Garnier tan is my absolute favourite gradual tanner, i love that the apricot extracts cover up the normal 'biscuity' smell! love your blog, just followed!
    Sophie x / sophielouisew_

    1. Awww thank you lovely! Nice to meet fellow Sophie!

  4. I love the garnier gradual tanner but I'm guilty of not doing it often enough.


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