This week i'm loving: Blistex

Blistex Moisture Max and Blistex Lip Brilliance both PR samples.

I'm a lipbalm 'collector' to put it lightly. They're everywhere. I keep a few in my bag, a few at my desk and a few in my make up drawer so at any given time I can whip them out and get fabulous moisturised lips. Some admittedly work well than others. Blistex is a brand I keep coming back to time and time again. It has always done a top notch job.

I find the Moisture Max is the perfect prep for lipstick. I wear it throughout the day to ensure my lips are lipstick ready in the evening as let's be honest, there's nothing worse than dry cracked lips poking through. It kinda ruins the knock out effect of a red lip don't you think? It can get a bit sticky but this soon sinks in. I'm also a sucker for a lip balm in a tube. I really don't like the idea of sticking a dirty finger in and out of a pot - god knows what it will be like by the end of the day! This tube helps it to glide on easily.

I'm not really a lipstick wearing during the day - not quite brave enough yet - so I like a tinted balm to help enhance my natural colour. When I read it had a bit of shimmer I had to admit I was bit put off as I don't really like a disco ball effect happening on my lips. But once applied it had just the right amount. It's a pretty rosy pink and looks great as an extra to everyday make up. It makes you look like you've made a little effort for your daily commute. It also doesn't hurt that it helps to increase the fullness of your lips. Eat your heart out Jolie!

Have you tried any Blistex products?


  1. I have never tried any Blistex products but now I want to! I never go anywhere without my tub of vaseline, and I always struggle with dry lips and lipstick. The pink one looks so pretty! xx

  2. I've never tried any Blistex products too! I love my vaseline lip therapy. I'm carrying it everywhere because I have a dry lips. So annoying! Thank you for this review Ms. Sophie! I like to try this! :)

  3. Love these<3Love your blog too♥
    Instagram @aimerose

  4. I'm a hug fan of Blistex and really like the relief cream but have also used lip brilliance on and off for a while now. I really fancy trying moisture max time I'm in Boots.

  5. so with you on being a lipbalm collector - loving rodial's glam balm at the mo xx

  6. im an aquaphor fan. nothing works quite as well of me.

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

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  8. I haven't tried that brand before, but I think I'll give it a go. Always use a good lip balm before applying lipstick! Mia x


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