Stop apologising for the things you've never done

Black bodysuit - Topshop
Electric blue and black pleated maxi skirt - Primark
Black 3/4 length cardigan - Primark
Tribal style sandals - Primark
Silver tassle necklace - Snoopers Paradise

I wore this outfit this week to work. I am loving choosing what to wear everyday, dressing smart excites me haha! I feel like a professional! I am in love with this skirt, it's not perhaps the most flattering of things but it is so comfy. And it swishes when I walk. Always a plus in my book! I think this is one of my favourite outfits to wear lately. I am looking a bit radioactive so maybe I should lay off the fake tan for a little bit haha!

I have nearly completed my first week on my internship and I am really enjoying it. Its such an eye opening to learn new things. I am not coping very well with the tiredness that comes with commuting but I am sure I will get used to it in a few weeks. I had my first piece published online this week :) I always get so excited when I see my name in the byline, I dont think that will ever wear off! It makes me feel so proud that something that I have written was good enough for the world to see!

I am getting so frustrated with blogger. I cannot comment on blogs nor follow anyone. Hopefully this will clear up soon as I have so much I want to say and I want to reply to all your lovely comments!

On a side note how long is my hair getting? Mad! I don't quite know what to do with it, looking like a lions mane!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I am off to stuff my face at Prezzos and watch hangover 2 tomorrow. Looking forward to staring at Bradley Cooper for a few hours!


  1. That outfit is fab on you! well put together.

    What a real accomplishment with you writing. Id be the same, even better if it does;t ware off too.

    Your hair is LONG huh... well jel ;)

    have a good weekend luv xxx

  2. You look stunning, that cobalt blue suits you no end and you really do look gloriously happy. xxx
    PS When you log into Blogger deselect that tick box that prompt "Remember me", this should enable you to comment.

  3. Looking supper Hun. Love the skirt.

    Blogger has been driving me mad too!

    X x

  4. Love the skirt!
    I like picking what I wear on my placement too :) Makes a difference to my skanky work uniform

  5. What a beautiful skirt and such a lovely look! How exciting that you had your work published?! Wishing you continued success!

    sorelle in style

  6. that skirt is primark? its beyond amazing x

  7. congrats on being published! :)
    that skirt is awesome, love the colour it really sUits you. Your hair is also awesome, very jealous of the length! X

  8. your skirt is lovely, it suits you so well! i don't feel i could pull off block colours, but i definitely plan to pop down to primark soon to see if they have any plain pleated maxis!

    congratulations on being published m'dear! x

  9. Congratulations on your publishing! I'm glad the internship is going well :D you look gorgeous as per! xxx

  10. I absolutely love this outfit, really stylish but professional. So happy to hear your internship is going so well, definitely post a link to the piece you wrote when it's publish. I've been having major problems with blogger too, very annoying x

  11. omgggggggg that skirt is amazing!

  12. Love the outfit, looks fab on you. Especially loving the skirt.



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