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Navy and cream spotted palazzo trousers: Primark
White vest top: Primark
Navy cardigan: Primark
Navy low court shoes: Primark
Navy and brown trimmed satchal: Primark
Red plastic watch: Toy watch
Silver heart necklace: 21st Birthday gift
Silver charm bracelet: Pandora

The werid legs apart was to show you that they are actually trousers!

Woah there is a whole lot of Primark in that outfit! I did not realise until I listed it! To be honest I think it shows just how on the ball Primark are this season. They have some stunning things at the moment and I am shopping there because I like the clothes rather than because I can't afford anything else. I have had these trousers a good few months and only cut out the labels today. I wanted to lose a bit of weight before wearing them but that's not happening! So I thought I'd be brave and wear them to work. I didn't feel self consious at all which is amazing considering I have a phobia of trousers!

I have some very exciting news! I got my results back for my degree and I have a 2.1 in Journalism!! Well I think I do, I have never go lower than a 2.1 in any of my modules over the past three years and when I calculated an average I got 64% which is a 2.1. So unless I get marked down dramatically (fingers crossed I don't) I will be presented with a 2.1 degree on my graduation. I am so pleased, it feels like all those nights stresses and many tears have finally paid off.

My parents very kindly treated me to a Pandora bracelet as a "well done on graduating" present even though I don't technically graduate until October! I had one on my Christmas list so I am so happy with it. I can't wait to fill it up with lots of pretty charms!

The rents brought me the bracelet, text book charm and graduation hat. My very lovely nan brought me the blue charm as my uni colours will be yellow and blue for my graduation.


  1. The trousers look fab on you, i love those kind. The Pandora is lovely too :).

    Sadie xx

  2. Well you look great in the trousers.

    A huge well done on your results. Well worth all the hard work.

    X x

  3. You look great in those trousers, I have the same ones, they were great on holiday, never thought of wearing them for work xxx

  4. Aw so sweet, pandora looks great, I got a charm for my 21st and have got many presents of charms since, it's so unique to me and each one has A special meaning! Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do ... X

  5. Love this! Your wall matches perfectly! Congrats on surviving journalism.

  6. those trousers look so chic on you! Great outfit and congrats on you 2.1!!!

  7. Congrats on passing your degree! Why is the graduation only in october? I have heard of December graduations but not October ones. My MA graduation is in a few weeks, exciting!

  8. Ah, you look lovely! Great trousers; Whistles had a very similar pair when I was working there, just A LOT more expensive. Stupidly so. Nice find! x

  9. you look amazing in those trousers- plus a big well done for the 2.1 and finishing your degree! xxx

  10. LOVE those trousers and massive congrats on your degree! xo

  11. Lovely outfit, I agree Primark are just getting better and better lately. Congrats on the almost final result you did great & well deserve an early graduation present x

  12. i adore the trousers!
    Be meaning to get a pair but never got round to it :)

    ellie oxoxoxoxoxo

  13. Congrats my dear!!! That's awesome : )

    Lovely trousers too xxx

  14. Congrats!
    & I love these pictures. The trousers are adorable :)

  15. I'm not an expert on photography or fashion, but I think perhaps the wallpaper behind you, in almost all of your photos, is a bit of a distraction. At least for me it is. For example, when you wear blue, like in this photo, you sort of blend into it. And I apologize that this is my comment, since no one asked me to come here and critique photos and all that. I just thought perhaps you hadn't noticed, but to me it just stands out to the point that I forgot what I was originally going to say here. I love your blog, by the way. I don't mean to just show up here and be the guy who has nothing nice to say. It really is a great blog.

  16. Congratulations on your marks! I love pandora bracelets, I was bought one for my 21st & need more charms for it! I actually have that blue one on mine too, love the graduation hat and text books! :)
    Those trousers really look lovely on you!
    Rebecca x

  17. You look good in these trousers :D I do adore them ^-^


  18. Very cool pants! And they go so well with the wallpaper!

  19. CONGRATS on your results - What a relief eh? I cant wait to finish my degree, seems a lifetime away!!

    This outfit is so cute, I love the trousers, we have some just the same at work (Next) but they're £36 I think!! Can't believe almost everything is from Primark <3 xx

  20. Congratulations on your degree!
    And I agree with everyone else- you look great in those trousers!


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