We'll die in the class we were born

White long line shirt: Next
Rust coloured skinny trousers: Primark
Tan skinny belt: Primark
Nude court shoes: Primark
Flower earrings: Topshop
Red plastic watch: Toywatch

I came home from work last week and found a little Primark goodie bag in my room curtesy of my mum. She's a diamond. Among the goodies were these skinny trousers. I was a bit appprehensive at first as trousers are not usually my friend. But as these had an elasticated waist I thought I would give them a whirl. I am still not very confident wearing them with a tucked in top but love them with a long top. So comfortable so perfect for commuting! However I dropped orange nail varnish down this shirt but have passed it over to my nan so fingers crossed she will bleach it and it will be as good as new.

I went to Ascot yesterday and had a blast! Even if it was £24 for a jug of Pimms. I did rubbish on the betting, I only won £5. I have not got a clue about betting so its no surprise I was rubbish! I didn't take that many pictures as I had a bit to do about my camera. I thought I had lost it when it turned out I gave it to my boyfriends best friend for safe keeping! Obviously starting drinking at 9.30 in the morning is not a clever thing to do! As a result I didn't end up taking that many pictures but I am going to wait until they all appear on facebook and then do a post on it!

How has everyone's weekend been? Did anyone else go to Ascot?


  1. I've had a good weekend thanks, chilled but also productive :) glad you had fun at ascot, will look forward to reading a post about it. Really like your outfit too! xxx

  2. Love the look of those trousers! £24 for a jug of Pimms?? :( My friends went but I couldn't really afford it. Hope you didn't get rained on too much! xx

  3. You look very chic and classy, those trousers are perfect under a shirt.
    I've only ever worked at Ascot, serving posh corporate types lobster and champagne. xxx

  4. Super chic and sophisticated - you look lovely x

  5. seriously love this outfit, a lot!

  6. I think the trousers look lovely, do you know if they have any other colours? I really want some coraly ones but i'm not prepared to pay the topshop pricetag!
    At least you did better than me gambling wise, I went to towcester racing a few weeks back and won absolutely nothing - although my dad did buy me a burger


  7. These trousers are lush! I really want some like that. I've never been to Ascot, but I've been to ladies day at the grand national which is fab. I won about £18 on one race, I was so chuffed! Love the buzz of the races and watching what everyone else is wearing.

  8. Trousers look niiiice! 9:30am start of drinking? I have new-found respect for you. 9:30 pm start for me and I'm dropping in a corner by midnight!

  9. The trousers look lovely on you so you needn't worry - lucky you, I miss goodie bags on my bed! ha!

    Hope the pimms was worth the money ? I have never had it?

    Hope all is good luv xx

  10. omg, I love you in these trousers just as much as I love you in your usual pretty dresses. And I never usually love people who share my name. Big compliment!
    PS Massively overpriced Pimmmmms!!!!

  11. I really like those trousers! Very classy! x

  12. that must have been such a fun weekend. and i love those pants....your mom did a good job

  13. those trousers look great - i want i want x

  14. Haha, your story with camera reminds me of when I always put things 'in the safe place not to lose them' and then i forget where the safe place is.. But at least they 'aren't lost' :P And no worries about not tucking the shirt in, this way it's more casual and cool :)

  15. I love the outfit, the trousers look amazing- I might have to hunt some down! Glad you had fun at Ascot! xx

  16. You look so good! I love those pants! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog the other day :)


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