Let me be your supernova.

Multi coloured striped dress - Primark
Nude platform heels - Primark
Selection of bangles - Topshop and Primark
Baby blue nail varnish - Pastal Polish Eyeko

After hunting high and low for this dress for a good few weeks, I have finally found this dress in Primark today. I love it, it is just as gorgeous as it looked in the photo. I have originally brought it for work as it is such a great length but it's almost too pretty. So I am going to wear it out a few times before it gets resigned for work. I can seeing myself getting lots of use out of this dress! It is such a summer dress! I also brought another dress from Primark for a staggering £25!! Since when did they stock things in store that price! It is such good quality though so it does feel like it is worth £25. I fell in love with it and just had to have it!

I am off out tonight with for a bit of bonding my mother to go to a party of one of her friends at work. So this is just a quick post!

I seem to have aquired a few followers in the last couple of days so a big hello! If you fancy a chat you can catch me on twitter.

Have a fab night!


  1. LOVE this dress. stripes with a difference! gorgeous!

    Am following you on twitter already (i'm @tempsec) So will catch up with you on there sometime x

  2. Gorgeous bright dress. I may need a visit to Primani x

  3. what a pretty and lovely dress..

    check out my blog if you're free

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  4. gorgeous dress, love how baggy and relaxed it is yet still feminine and pretty! looking fab



  5. I love that dress, so summary - the nude heels go perfectly too

  6. What a sophisticated frock! It looks very retro and the colours suit you beautifully. Hope you had a great night. xxx

  7. Holy crap lady, you have hit Primark big time lately! That dress is amazing!

  8. I was so shocked at the prices in Primark on a recent trip there!
    But I must say your dress looks worth every penny, I never would have guessed where it was from! You look stunning!


  9. £25! Gosh, Primark was getting a bit big for their boots, aren't they...

    That dress does look lovely on you, great colours x

  10. That dress is soooo pretty and it really suits you, I'm really loving your hair at the moment too, it's a really lovely style xxx

  11. love the bright patterned dress, the colors look good on you!

  12. Gorgeous dress, I love the colours! xxx

  13. Such a gorgeous dress! You look so lovely, beautiful colours.
    Rebecca x


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